Best gifts 2014: Recycled Tube Light by Castor

Best Gifts 2014 Edition

Recycled Tube Light by CastorRecycled Tube Light by CastorRecycled Tube TL4 Light Pendant is formed by bundling burnt-out fluorescent tubes together with steel and rubber material. The cylinder is then lit from within providing diffused ambient illumination. Fixture is available in three pendant lengths as well as a table lamp version. 47.125 inches…Check out Recycled Tube Light by Castor at its original source.

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How can I forget YOU… even for a second!?

Michael Jeffreys


Oh Universal Intelligence… the ubiquitous force behind ALL that is… how YOU mesmerize me with your wonderous and mysterious appearances… so much so that I often forget about YOU, the Artist, the Creator, the Master Sculptor, the most Supreme.

I see the bird, but I forget YOU, the bird’s creator. I effortlessly watch and listen as this form, this body, seemly moves, talks and goes about its endless tasks, and yet for YOU I have barely a thought to spare. For YOU, who have freely given me literally everything, I have no time to show my love and gratitude. Please forgive my selfishness Father.

– Michael Jeffreys

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are you there?

karen draper ~ writer


reach for me

out beyond perception

in a field of generosity

where old souls and new souls

gather together, amongst

threads of commonality 

are you there?

i’ll wait for you

with a knowing heart

are you there?

extraneous moments cloud my view

perched on righteous indignation

are you there?

whispers of hope infiltrate the air

like oxygen to a breathless being

ahh – you are there

in the midst

of that which can’t be seen,

only grasped, felt, then

released into the universe

on wings of enlightenment

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Choices and opportunities

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

The Social Age is a time of constant change: careers are fractured and we’re likely to change direction many times. As the nature of work evolves and the opportunities presented by social collaborative technology increase, we are spoilt for choice as to what we can do with our skills and our emotional energy. Not to mention our time. I’ve spent today with four different people, working in wildly different areas, but all with one thing in common: they’ve all changed direction more than once. In the Social Age, organisations no longer own your career: we all individually make our choices and create our own structure. Today i just want to explore what that freedom looks like and to think about how it may sometimes be constrained by circumstance or skills.

Choices Our choices may not always be a free as we think.

Our choices of how and where we work…

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Experience the Beauty of Mountains

A Shade Of Pen

The snow clad mountains seem to symbolize the peace of mind.

 It is the combination of high mountains and low lying lakes that makes this picture worth a thousand lessons.

This picture shows the brilliance of the sun against the backdrop of mountains. Moral: One must learn to seek and give help to their fellow members as it shall bring out the best in both of them.

Moral: No matter how high you reach, stick to your roots because being humble is the power of the strong.

Moral: Love happens when you least expect it to!!!!

To see more pictures of natural beauty , click here.

To explore powerful quotes, click here.

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The Measure of a Woman

A Holistic Journey

I don’t remember my mother ever having the cold or flu. She must’ve had her share, especially in the sharp New York winter. She remains healthy in my memory because she never took a day off, never took a nap, never complained. Not even when the needle flew off the Singer and disappeared into her finger. Between the waitressing years in New York, Mom sewed for the giant garment industry that Latino and Asian immigrants pinned their hopes on in the 70s and 80s. The heaps of cut fabric she brought home in the metal shopping cart, they literally called homework. It enabled her to raise her kids and stay involved in my early schooling. Mom did everything fast. She would feed polyester rectangles through the machine and recruit me and my little brother to flip them. At two cents a piece, time was the enemy. She ate a lot…

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Not Ready?

Source of Inspiration


If you are not ready,
it does not matter.
Readiness comes in its time.
Until then, we point
to external reasons our
life is not what we
want it to be–work, not
enough money, wrong spouse,
childhood trauma; the list
is endless. Yet there comes
a time when we are ready
to let go, to lay it all down.

This happens when we finally
know we know
a knowing of the soul
not of the mind
no one can tell you how
for when you are ready,
it will happen,
the final switch is made.
You are at peace
blessed serenity
full of soft edges
allowing life to
happen with no resistance.

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