Mornin’ Coffee

If She Falls In Love

musings for an inspirational day

There is something to be said about ‘moments’. Yes, the little things you experience day to day and think nothing of. While you are reading this, someone is meeting the love of their life. While you are reading this, a baby has been brought into this world just as another has been taken away. Each second of our life is trivial, even if those seconds aren’t our memories, or our ‘moments’. Appreciate what is around you, cherish each other. The universe always has a way of making your dreams, your reality, your destiny come alive. Observe the first kisses, the first dates, the first “I love you’s”. Offer a helping hand when they fall, or stand beside a dying loved one. Sit on the branch as the song bird often does. She’s not afraid of it breaking, she trusts her wings. Trust yourself &…

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