Never Be Without

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“When you journey within, you’re never without.”

Your internal wisdom is the part of you that knows what is true and best for you. Each one of us is born with this gift yet it often gets lost in a sea of external voices, opinions and judgments.

It’s time to recapture this priceless gift!

Make a time and a place when all you have to do is concentrate on yourself – not the children, pets, your boss, your coworkers, your unfinished laundry or your list of errands.

Make this special place a quiet zone and sanctuary. Close your eyes and listen to your thoughts. Be at one with yourself and quietly tap into your internal wisdom.

If this is new to you, be patient. It may take time. But, as you listen carefully, you will gradually come to know that the greatest wisdom is inside your heart.

©Jane Powell –…

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