For the Love of It


Neo-Tantric Painting by G R Santoush

“Tantra was not an intellectual exercise for me, but an internal urge, a call to understand the truth that is the source and underlying principle of everything, the truth that fashions the contours of our creative expression,” G.R. Santosh

An unassuming trailblazer, Gulam Rasool Santosh spearheaded the Indian art style Neo-Tantra, a radical movement to reduce and abstract traditional, highly detailed, Hindu devotionals to their most fundamental form: geometric shape. Santosh’s work depicts, among other archetypal revelations, the cosmic union of Shiva/Shakti with devouring colors that speak to the fiery passions of work capable only with the totality of soul.

I have worshiped at the altar of Santosh’s paintings on more than one occasion and feel an intense desire to share them here, along with a few, sparing details about Santosh’s amazing journey into the arms of the sublime: Born to a conservative Shia Muslim family in Kashmir, G.R. was destined…

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