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In a sacred moment
I tasted your presence
to the depths
of my soul
and all I ever knew
melted away

time stopped
and that moment lasted
for eternity

in your touch
you showed
what it means
to feel,
in your embrace
what it means
to belong

enwrapped in you
snow flakes
started to burn softly
and I forgot
where I ended
and you began

lost in the day
a thought of you
brushed by
like a gentle breeze
and butterflies
started fluttering
under my skin
in anticipation.


art by Rimel Neffati http://www.rimelneffati.com/fr/accueil.html


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Words On A Limb

There once was a letter alone on a page,
surrounded by a sea of white space.
Restless yet hopeful it went on its way
in search of some kind of meaning.
Soon it found others that resembled its kind,
each with a vision and flare of its own.
Bewildered, determined and convinced
there was more, it marched on.
It came upon clusters that caused it to shrivel,
yet others that made it smile and recover.
It bounced about from one to another,
never quite finding a balance.
It glanced at the bold groups
demanding and harsh – crushing, taking, daring.
It turned to the light ones,
inviting and mild – inspiring, giving, sharing.
It considered its options, to build or destroy,
and decided there was ever only one choice –
to love.


– By Lora Rozler

Creative Commons License
Words by Lora Rozler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International…

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Standing at the Water’s Edge

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Shoe Prints in the Sand

Standing at the water’s edge
Staring at the waves’ rhythmic
Moves – Listening – in silence –
For a voice – a sigh – a moan –
I heard a trickle – the water
At my feet
Gently stirring
The sand –

The only voice I heard was mine –
An utterance floating like music
On air – carrying a message
Unknown – yet the echo
Of which lingered
Like a chorus
Playing over
In my Soul –

Standing at the water’s edge
Staring at the waves’ rhythmic
Moves – Listening – in silence –
For a voice – a sigh – a moan –
I heard a word softly
Spoken – wafting
O’er the water’s
Ebb and flow –

Believe – believe – You won’t be
Disappointed – My promises are real –
Your prayer plays in my ear
A love song – sweet and low –
Sleep quiet now –
Dream happily –
To sandy

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chaotic stillness

∙ tenderheartmusings ∙

Life goes.. forward
or does it trace its way back
one encounter at a time
to where it all began

like a jigsaw
that you try to piece
your whole life
only to realize
it was already complete

in the name of ‘experience’
you stumble
diving face first
into your destiny
resisting, accepting, becoming
what you were meant to be

faces, forgotten faces
surfacing from abyss
at the time of need
others with time
sink to the bottom
in the deep

faces, traces, erase it
a hand once held
an embrace once felt
that left a taste of divinity

this fading world
sweeps past
so quickly
where is the affinity?

cradling fragments
embedded in the core
of true Reality
I persist
hearing the memory
of a quiet surrender
long before
I can remember.


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Japanese whiskey brand crafts intricately CNC-milled ice cubes

Daily Coolness


Story via Design Boom

Suntory — one of the oldest japanese brewing and distilling companies — is renowned for its history and heritage in whiskey making. despite their traditional quality and status, the more than 100 year old brand decided to work with some of the latest technological systems for a recent campaign.

3D on the rocks is a collection of CNC-milled ice cubes made especially for their product, intricately crafted in architectural, human and domestic shapes. the objects range from an astronaut to kinkaku-ji, a japanese temple, each sculpted from a single block of ice and carved into based on a three-dimensional render.


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