Words On A Limb

There once was a letter alone on a page,
surrounded by a sea of white space.
Restless yet hopeful it went on its way
in search of some kind of meaning.
Soon it found others that resembled its kind,
each with a vision and flare of its own.
Bewildered, determined and convinced
there was more, it marched on.
It came upon clusters that caused it to shrivel,
yet others that made it smile and recover.
It bounced about from one to another,
never quite finding a balance.
It glanced at the bold groups
demanding and harsh – crushing, taking, daring.
It turned to the light ones,
inviting and mild – inspiring, giving, sharing.
It considered its options, to build or destroy,
and decided there was ever only one choice –
to love.


– By Lora Rozler

Creative Commons License
Words by Lora Rozler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International…

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