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Turkey, Mardin

This is a picture of Mardin, Turkey.  What struck me was how different it was from anything I have seen in the part of the world I live in,  I just wasn’t sure when I saw it, if I was drawn in, or even if it was real. There is not a tree in sight, a park, a piece of land, nothing.  Someone had commented that it looked like a picture from a fairy tale book.


This is Austria,lots of green, yet it is still a world I have yet to discover. No matter where we are, whether or not we travel to these far away places or we stay at home, we are blessed with living in an era where we can meet people from all over the world, right on our doorstep.

We need only be open to the experience.

How often have I walked past a stranger…

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street phot by Dave Hoefler,flickrBeing in the right place at the right time, having your camera at the ready, and the lighting  just what is needed to capture a moment in time.

When I saw this photo, taken by John Westrock, posted on Flickr, I thought, “what a good capture? and moved away, but something drew me back to look more closely. I must have contemplated on this picture for some time… I saw how the graffiti in the background sat like a halo over his head.

I wondered if the two shoes on his feet matched.  Some how, I felt that this man was having a peaceful morning smoke and was contemplating life in his own way. I decided he was content just basking in his solitude.

Of course this is totally a fabrication of my own.  I wasn’t there, I don’t know the man and have no idea just how long ago…

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There is no “Now” – A different approach to “staying in the present”

Unravelling Reality

It is commonly said that the past and the future are not ‘real’ only the present is real. In this blog post I discuss the idea that there is no real ‘present’ moment, with the help of discussion from the book “Zen and the Art of Consciousness.” 

There is a big deal about being in the “Now” or staying in the present. This idea certainly has some good points and reasons behind it – after all, we spend way too much time worrying about the future, or get stuck going over and over the past and this can be seen in many ways to make us less focused on what we are doing right “now” – it distracts and takers away from the ‘present’.

However to suggest that “now” is all that actually exists (because the past is gone and the future is yet to come) might also be quite misleading.

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