“INNER” Self Vs “OUTER” Self

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All of us must have heard about dual personalities. A term basically used for people who present themselves in one way but they are actually feeling & thinking in some other way. It is always considered the best option to stay away from such people. These dual personalities are portrayed as those who betray, cheat or do back-biting.

But, have you ever introspected yourself?

Do you present yourself in exactly the same manner as you are?

How much you know your ‘own-self’ compared to others around you?

How many times you try to contradict your own thoughts?

How many times you felt that your sub-conscious is occupied by the thoughts which your conscious had shed off?

What I feel is that almost all of us have this dual personality. What we feel & how we react is not always in same line. But, the difference lies in identifying what actually…

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