prayer for radical forgiveness (new audio poetry 3:19)

words divinely wrought

This prayerpoem first appeared here in 2008 and was reposted several times over the years. The audio version is brand new.


Prayer for Radical Forgiveness
by Rachel Snyder

Forgive me for not sharing fully in your pain
for my own basket has been filled with seedpods of blossoming sadness
and ripened fruit dripping with disappointment

Forgive me if I do not remember your name
or the light aching for release from your crown
for I have been searching too long simply to remember my own name
and the codex that bears the story that is mine

If I have seemed aloof, apart,
forgive me
for my sense of alienation has weighed heavy for eons,
despite an unfettered yearning for authenticity

Forgive me for random bouts of arrogance
for detours short and long that led me away from unbridled compassion,
for untold moments in which my own inner brilliance blinded me

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knowing the steps toward home (on poetry and place/audio)

words divinely wrought

The Universe is afoot and many are on the brink of, or in the midst of, profound change. To be sure, “home” carries numerous meanings — so be mindful of your attachment to that word.  I am grateful to whoever visited this older post from 2009, brought these words back to my awareness, and inspired me to record them.

This print illustrates a famous moment from the tenth century epic, Ise Monogatari (Tales of Ise). It is commonly held that the hero of this novel is the poet Ariwara Narihira Ason (828 – 880), an Emperor’s grandson, and one of the “Six Great Poets”. Legend states that he was exiled as the result of an affair with the empress. This scene shows him carrying his lover Nijō-no-tsubone across a grassy moor at night, pursued by a party of men with torches.

0764aefaad03e059f91721779696b5c4“Narihira and Nijō no Tsubone at the Fuji River”…

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