knowing the steps toward home (on poetry and place/audio)

words divinely wrought

The Universe is afoot and many are on the brink of, or in the midst of, profound change. To be sure, “home” carries numerous meanings — so be mindful of your attachment to that word.  I am grateful to whoever visited this older post from 2009, brought these words back to my awareness, and inspired me to record them.

This print illustrates a famous moment from the tenth century epic, Ise Monogatari (Tales of Ise). It is commonly held that the hero of this novel is the poet Ariwara Narihira Ason (828 – 880), an Emperor’s grandson, and one of the “Six Great Poets”. Legend states that he was exiled as the result of an affair with the empress. This scene shows him carrying his lover Nijō-no-tsubone across a grassy moor at night, pursued by a party of men with torches.

0764aefaad03e059f91721779696b5c4“Narihira and Nijō no Tsubone at the Fuji River”…

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