Be with someone who will bring the good in you..

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As I was growing up the one thing that I learnt about LOVE itself was to find someone who will bring the best in you, support you in your dreams and careers, encourage you to continue grinding and not give up and also someone who will love you for you and not someone people think you’re and who will treat you like a princess and a queen and will make sure you know that you are worth it and are loved really loved.

I kow some relationships are beautiful and amazing because of how they treat one another the way they want to be treated by the other person, supporting one another in whatever it is that they have pursuing in and will do everything to assure and reassure them that their significant other will be there for them and will make sure that they know either being there for…

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Learning Portfolio 3

Luq Lut Ali

Question 3: Psychology & Design

Psychology is important to design because how do we learn or process information by using our brains or how we feel. Just like how our first Learning portfolio was on Aesthetic-usability effect, how people perceive aesthetic designs to be simply easier to use, we are using our mind to perceive that information. Just as how emotion can direct attention to key features, optimize sensory intake, tune decision making, ready behavioral responses, facilitate social interactions and enhance episodic memory (Gross, 2014). So we need to know the human mind so we can make better designs.

  • Gross, James J., Ph. D, & Ebook Library. (2014;2013;).Handbook of emotion regulation (Second ed.). New York: The Guilford Press.

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Can’t Get Your Blog Noticed…? Than Here’s What Will. (For Beauty, Art, Book Bloggers & More!)

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  • Write awesome, engaging headlines.
  • Incorporate relevant stories.
  • Format your content to make it scannable
  • Use visuals.
  • Give something valuable away for free.

1. Use Powerful, Emotional Connecting Headlines

The headline’s purpose is to get the audience to read the first sentence, and the main purpose of the first sentence is to get your audience to read the second sentence and so forth. If people don’t find your headline interesting, they will obviously not bother about the rest of the content.

Now here are 6 ways you can do it:

  • Classic how-to
  • Ask a burning question
  • Mistakes, errors, and goofs
  • Write a Guide
  • The Why
  • List posts
  • Reasons why

2. Blog Readers Love Storytelling

We are story addicts because they connect to our emotions and our brain cells. They are a powerful mode of communication. We use stories to live and relive the moments!

So why use story telling?

  • Stories increase credibility and clarity…

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50 Amazing Ideas To Keep Your Readers Entertained! (For Art, Food & Photography Bloggers)

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  1. Customer success story. When you receive a great testimonial from a customer, ask for permission to turn it into a post. Use the post to solicit more customer stories.
  2. Mention a popular post. If you notice a post by a popular blogger in your niche getting a lot of attention, add your viewpoint and link to the original post. Be sure to let that A-list blogger know about your comment and link.
  3. Disagree with a popular opinion. Get traffic by stirring up controversy and taking a contrary position.
  4. Riff on the news. How are current events affecting your customers? Run a Google Alert on certain keywords related to your business or industry to find relevant news items to discuss.
  5. Compile a link roundup. If you notice several interesting opinions on a topic, you can pull them together into a single post of the best ideas.
  6. Play off the familiar. Mention…

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Born behind bars


My mind is caged behind brown bars
rusted with time yet holding firm
It was drilled from me from the day I was here
in this world
the noise of the drill drowning out memories
of love and wilderness
I was becoming human
i must have done something good
in my previous life
to be here in this orange garb
pretending to be a higher intelligence
there must be something big behind
all that I can see with the naked eye
souls trapped inside this mask of limbs
opposable thumbs seem to be a big thing


There must be something deep behind all this bravado,
all I can see is ego clashes and thumbs being used
to twist someone else’s away,
Love is a confusion,
freedom does not come free
If I had not been born,
would i still have perceived music?
I am told,
the greatest minds are not…

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6 Incredible Lessons You Must Learn Before Voicing Your Opinions

Lifestyled Islander

Are you an activist? Do you support any causes?

It doesn’t matter who you are. Whether you are an advocate who pleads for a cause, a certain group of people, or just a normal person who’s passionate about a specific topic, your voice has the power to change the community around you.

Your voice distinguishes you from others. It gives you the freedom to stand out from others and be different. Having a voice and using it effectively is equally important to make the change you wish to see in the world.

But speaking your mind isn’t always easy or necessary. Teach yourself these incredible lessons before you jump into the next possible argument, debate or discussion.

Be Confident

The individuality of each person makes this world more exciting and interesting. The uniqueness of each human being causes us to have different opinions, ideas and beliefs.  We must be confident…

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