Born behind bars


My mind is caged behind brown bars
rusted with time yet holding firm
It was drilled from me from the day I was here
in this world
the noise of the drill drowning out memories
of love and wilderness
I was becoming human
i must have done something good
in my previous life
to be here in this orange garb
pretending to be a higher intelligence
there must be something big behind
all that I can see with the naked eye
souls trapped inside this mask of limbs
opposable thumbs seem to be a big thing


There must be something deep behind all this bravado,
all I can see is ego clashes and thumbs being used
to twist someone else’s away,
Love is a confusion,
freedom does not come free
If I had not been born,
would i still have perceived music?
I am told,
the greatest minds are not…

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