Can’t Get Your Blog Noticed…? Than Here’s What Will. (For Beauty, Art, Book Bloggers & More!)

Millionaire's Digest


  • Write awesome, engaging headlines.
  • Incorporate relevant stories.
  • Format your content to make it scannable
  • Use visuals.
  • Give something valuable away for free.

1. Use Powerful, Emotional Connecting Headlines

The headline’s purpose is to get the audience to read the first sentence, and the main purpose of the first sentence is to get your audience to read the second sentence and so forth. If people don’t find your headline interesting, they will obviously not bother about the rest of the content.

Now here are 6 ways you can do it:

  • Classic how-to
  • Ask a burning question
  • Mistakes, errors, and goofs
  • Write a Guide
  • The Why
  • List posts
  • Reasons why

2. Blog Readers Love Storytelling

We are story addicts because they connect to our emotions and our brain cells. They are a powerful mode of communication. We use stories to live and relive the moments!

So why use story telling?

  • Stories increase credibility and clarity…

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