Being Thankful…


When I sat down to write, I couldn’t think of anything. As if my mind suddenly ran out of all it’s ideas. Just then, my mobile notified me of a new WhatsApp message. The message was simple, very simple indeed, just 2 words- “THANK YOU“. The point here is not what that person was thanking me for, but, that he made an attempt to Be Thankful.Okay.. So let us think to ourselves, how many times in a week  (a day would probably result in ‘0’ ) are we thankful? Most of us would be rather surprised to see that the answer does not  even account to being more than 5 at the most. Isn’t that  a pretty low score? Or are we all so accustomed to the Candy Crush scores, that these ones don’t matter anymore?

Thanking isn’t just for your new gifts and surprises but about…

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