for me.. what is blogging all about

An audience of one, is still an audience. and very best is ouselves , fine post , thank you giving a simple and truthful explanation on all.

my 2 cents on design

After a few years into it, it is worth considering why do it. A lot of people blog these days. Initially blogging produced a new kind of writers. With no platform, struggling to get  ideas out but often did not know how. Now everyone can do it. By just doing it with no focus nor purpose, eventually, you will only have non-focused, non-purpose readers.
Consider picking and selecting what you care and want to focus on, you will find your readers, the ones that like what you like, the ones for which what you write matters. New to regular writing schedules, this took a while for me to fully realize and as of now, I’m still in the process of balancing my focus.
Interesting enough but to no surprise, I lack single focus but rather thrive, as in the way I design, in a group of focus-elements. I’ve always liked…

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