Ascension of self


Geometric fractal states

Help us to spiritually elevate,

Through ascension into a galactic race

Free from the cyclical suffering place,

Here and now as we exist

We must learn lessons if we are to achieve this,

By encompassing within our existence,

Love, peace, compassion and truth as well as kindness,

Then having gained this pure state

And as we practice and meditate,

To create a fractal geometric state,

Through the energy within us

And a conscious awakened place,

We can evolve into beings prepared for ascension,

Into multiverse transcendant dimension,

In which we can live with in enlightened peace.

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Spirituality is unique


Asked about the thoughts on the spiritual

I said I can’t tell you it’s individual,

Self determination and self rule

Are the key aspects to being spiritual,

Finding your own way seeing what fits

Remembering to question everything,

Open up the mind in an awakening

Discovering conscious reality thtrough the illusory.

Spirituality to me is Love, compassion, tolerance and peace,

It’s about living a good life in a righteous mind

Connecting with creation and the divine,

While believing in self is fine

We learn to leave ego far behind

And understanding duality determines life and belief.

Meditation and practice help soothe the mind,

Helps us on our journey, helps us find the path,

Discover happiness, contentment in the way we live,

Helps life lift the spirit so it’s transcending,

While keeping us grounded in the luminescent soul

Aides self love and self control,

Breaks domestication that’s instilled from old,


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Street Photography Quick Tip (11)

Streets of Nuremberg

Lady in Red Lady in Red | Fürth | 2017

Street Photography Quick Tip 11 – Using Color Accents

My Street Photography Quick Tips are short, easy to read and easy to use tips that I think could help you while shooting in the streets. Today’s post is about using color accents to add interest to a street photo.

Working with accentuated colors can really help to make an image pop out. In this example the bright red of the lady’s dress is picked up by the bright red flowers decorating the window sills of this historic guest house in Nuremberg’s neighboring city Fürth, and continues to the upper part of the photo with the red beer advertisement (I have no clue though why in the motherland of local craft breweries someone needs to advertise with Spanish beer). So the red color accents guide the eye of the viewer through the image.

Try it yourself! Take your camera, hit the…

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Tips for shooting low light food photography

Cooking Without Limits


Shooting in low-light is a challenge for all photographers. Late afternoons, rainy days, evenings or winter days are just a few situations when natural light is low. You could invest in artificial lights or flashes to deal with all this problems, but not all of us have money to spend on lighting studios. I have a small studio but takes time to install it and also, I have a little one that likes playing around so I will not get any photos.

I love using natural light so I learned how to adjust my camera in low light. Today I will tell you some tips to improve your photos.

To have a sharp image use a tripod. If you don’t have one try and put your camera on a chair or a table. Improvise. If you are shooting hand held, keep your elbows in and close to your body for…

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