Day 27 – Love for Guru!


The penultimate day of the Valentines Special series. Bringing this together truly gives me a sense of joy and accomplishment. Thanks to all my friends for being with me on this beautiful journey ❤ !


In Sanskrit the term guru connotes someone who is a guide, or a master in a certain field of knowledge. Like a guidepost, he inspires his disciples, dispels darkness of ignorance, guiding them towards light. He helps discover the immense potentiality within themselves. Today, it is increasingly referred as seers who carry the message of truth for humanity.

A beacon of light

insight to divine wisdom

nourishes the soul

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don’t drown while u can swim


Sometimes, our lives can be compared to a foolish person drowning in the middle of the sea.

With so much suffocation and pressure around us, we feel helpless and weak.

Even then, we forget to focus on the right thing– which is to swim and survive.

Instead, we think of what is below us– chests full of treasure or hungry sharks? Should we dive and look for the treasure or should we run away from the sharks? We make up unnecessary priorities in our heads, while there is only one thing that truly matters– to survive.

If you feel stuck in life, don’t be scared because you’re not alone. Just remember to stop overthinking about the treasure and sharks that aren’t really there. Just survive and move on. You have the strength to survive this tough ocean.

Everything you need is within you.

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