New Beginnings

Natalie Thompson Photography

Carolina Beach, North Carolina

This photo was taken at Carolina Beach during a sunrise in May. I love the contrast of the deep blue of the sea against the orange and the pink of the sky. I love that you can just barely spot the sun through the clouds but you can see the rays as they extend upwards, leading to the bird flying.

In many ways, a sunrise represents the start of something new; a new day, full of new opportunities and new lessons to be learned. To go along with my previous post, not only does life present obstacles but it also offers chances of growth. A sunrise is a beautiful reminder that no matter what happened yesterday, you can always make today a better yesterday for tomorrow.

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Mahaveer Swami and his art

My Favourite Things

I first came across Mahaveer Swami’s art at Narendra Bhawan Bikaner when I was exploring the hotel on my first evening there. In a narrow space, not unlike a gallery, I came across some exquisite framed works of art.

These were paintings with detailing like miniatures, but with a completely different colour palette — predominantly pastels, instead of the bright saturated colours usually identified with such paintings. A closer look also revealed quirky details in some of the paintings like two women using a computer or a man with a telephone, among others.

Intrigued by the art, I enquired about the artist at the hotel. “That is Mahaveer Swami ji, a Bikaneri artist”, was the reply. “He’s a National Award winner.”

“Is it possible to meet him?” I enquire.

“I’m sure that can be arranged,” comes the enigmatic reply.

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