3 Tips from a Successful Blogger on How To Amplify Your Story


Last week, Ben Phillips — the blogger at Diary of an Uber Driver — shared his journey of adapting his blog into a book and TV series, and how his ride-share experiences connected him to people in ways he never imagined. “Without my WordPress.com blog, none of this would’ve happened,” says Ben. Want to get your story in front of as many people as possible? Implement these three features as seen on Ben’s site.

Tell your story with a branded landing page

Go to My Site → Customize → Header Image to customize your header or My Site → Customize → Colors & Backgrounds to update your background.

To set up a landing page, go to My Site → Customize → Homepage Settings.

Set your site apart and effectively build your online presence with strong visual branding. On the left is an example of an ad for…

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I Think I Want to Be Old: How to Know if *You* Have Turned Old — Christine Seifert

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