Meditation for Human Beings

Polish Your Mind

Meditation is my space that I retreat from the busy day to settle into myself. I close my eyes and watch the chaos of thoughts from the day settle into flow of my inhale and exhale.

Sometimes I go on journeys and sometimes I have insights into my desires, behaviors, patterns or relationships and if I have been invested in my practice I am fortunate to practice letting go of it all and surrendering to the universe and energy that surrounds my body and connects me to every energy around me.

MeditationThis is how I practice letting go of expectations and attachment and control, sitting on my cushion or sometimes a parking spot inside my car; I close my eyes and I forgive the past and release expectations of the future. This is how I remind myself that it is the energy in motion, the emotions that are key. Not…

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Bold. Outspoken. Radiant. And Culturally Invested.

Diving Into the Culture

A picture of all races and ethnic groups embracing each other’s distinctive social identities.

Hola, Bienvenidos A Todos!

There are infinite ways in which culture is experienced: food, music, conversation, clothing, even design! In my most recent years, I have discovered one of my truest passions: learning about distinctive cultures. I aspire to impact lives by creating and exposing individuals to unique and exciting ethnically driven experiences.

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I truly love developing meaningful experiences people can immerse themselves in. I hope to enhance people’s curiosity and interest in the distinctive cultures around the world. After all, being different elevates one’s comfort and confidence— that’s valuable.

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The Jewelled Keys

The M2 Column

Practice makes perfect my love,

& you’ll soon soar past the clouds above.

Here are some diamond keys of creed,

To help you reach your desired need.

Stay positive when things get tough,

To preserve through the rough.

Have patience with yourself, just like you did, when you were a child.

When you were learning to walk & talk,

Realise, you weren’t as sharp as a hawk,

But you got up and fought through the pain,

Because you knew you had alot to gain.

So learn from that positive child in you,

Who practiced, persevered, perfected and grew.

-The M2 Column

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