Value Yourself

Wit. Wisdom. Wonder...

Let go

Of all the excess of life

That has stuck to you

Pare it down.

Remove. Trim.

Give away.

Walk away from sounds

That drown

Your own voice

Reject words

That are untrue

Coming from you.

Listen to your silence

Look at what’s left

When all is gone.

Befriend that residue

Cherish it;

Treasure it.


Is not to be foolishly grieved;

It is to be intelligently valued.

Don’t compromise the time

With yourself

For some base company.

Know where

True fulfilment lies

Value yourself.

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Rules for a Beautiful Life

Coaching Skills International

We all want to have a beautiful life. But a beautiful life doesn’t suddenly appear. It is something we develop day by day, over time, through choices that we make and attitudes that we allow.

And the good news is these are under our control. This means that we can also choose to implement some changes. We can stop, turn around, or we can alter our direction whenever we decide we’d like to do things differently.

beautiful life.png

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How to Get Over Past Mistakes

Coaching Skills International

the past is heavy.PNGEveryone experiences failure and regret. But we can’t allow that to dominate our lives. So put the past behind you, and decide to move on. Here are some tips that can help with this.

1. Remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes, does things wrongs, and has moments of regret. There are no perfect people out there in the world. In that sense, you are just the same as everybody else.

2. Remind yourself that “that was then, and this is now”. You can’t turn back the clocks and change what you did, but you can be a different person in the future.

3. Allow yourself to experience and name the feelings you are struggling with (regret, guilt, shame, disappointment, embarrassment, sadness, etc.) Then make the decision to let those feelings go. In the end, it’s unhealthy to be attached to them.

4. Ask yourself what you can learn from the…

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A Sound Solution

Theology of a Newfoundland Housewife

Do you notice how loud the music is getting in stores, restaurants, and other public places ? In addition to an increase in volume, the messages blasted by the ungodly music are becoming increasingly vulgar and vile. Is this a form of persecution of Christians, do you think ?

I was becoming super annoyed by the unwanted music we are being forced to listen to in public places, and I reached my ‘last straw ‘ moment in the waiting room of a medical professional.

Excessively loud music was blaring, and a country crooner was sending the message that he really loved his girlfriend, but he also loved his wife, and he didn’t know how to tell his wife that he as leaving her. Yikes !

Thereafter I visited an Audiologist, and told her about my dilemma. She recommended that I have a pair of musician’s filters hearing protection made.


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Healing Via Mantra

Passion For Truths

Not too long ago, I was divinely prompted by a divine being to organise a group healing session. One of the activities suggested was the recital of the Medicine Buddha Mantra. I was given the answer that the true purpose of that recital is about sound healing, even though the mantra has its own meaning. The verbal recital of it would apparently help bring about harmony in the vibratory of our body.

When I consider that science has revealed that everything is energy in its core nature, I suppose our cells too would have its own vibratory rate. Hence, to anyone who is willing to explore, one could listen to the above sample video and chant the said mantra. At this juncture, I wish to clarify that this post is about healing and not in any way about promoting religion or dogma.

(Note: As for my friends and myself who…

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Serenity Prayer

Kevin Barrett's Blog

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace.
Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it.
Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life,
and supremely happy with Him forever in the next.
  —  Reinhold Niebuhr
[This is a longer version of the “Prayer” which I had posted years ago.  I felt it worth the addition.  —  KMAB]
On This Day In:
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2016Towards No Regret
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2014Are You Waiting?

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Life is Messy

Michael Hawn

it is Wednesday 2:00 AM and I have been awake for an hour. I should be sleeping but I can’t so I am following through with a commitment to myself to start writing to my blog again. My life in my mind anyway is a mess and I need to write to get it into order again. My marriage is broken and it is breaking my heart and my world. I am looking back at the 6 years of my relationship and I see where I should have done things differently and maybe it would have helped my marriage bend under the strain of life. It is hard to not focus on the past when you are hurting. It has not been my nature to look back before my marriage. Now I have been struggling to look forward and see possibilities.

I have read so many books on making a…

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Spirituality and Big Questions

The #SpiritChat Community

One frequent bonus of working at a national aerospace agency is that one gets to meet their fair share of ‘space travelers’. On completion of their missions, they visit the center, share their wonderful stories, photos and anecdotes from their travels. One purpose of their visits to the center is to thank the workforce for contributions to the completion of their successful mission. A related purpose is to provide inspiration to scientists and engineers, young and old, to continue their work in the support of space exploration and related missions.

I have been fortunate to meet my fair share of astronauts over the years. I rarely let an opportunity go by to meet one, get an autographed photo, or even get a photo taken with them if possible. To merely be in the same rarefied air with them and listen to their enthusiasm for humanity, the earth, and for exploration…

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Inspirational Quote from the Yogasutra

hear your inner truth

Lagoa do Fogo – Azores – Sao Miguel

Maybe our eyes are nothing but a mirror in which the outer world reflects. The eye that sees the world is the eye of the eyes of which we know next to nothing.

This a quote from the Translation of the Yogasutra I have to read for my yoga teacher training. I had to think about this for quite a few days and can’t get it out of my mind.

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Ice Cold Beauty

Kirsten Hacker

When ice cracks, it can make the surface of a lake sing. It sounds like the music of the cosmos or like a quiet, high-frequency thunderstorm.

Tell me again that men are more interested in science and nature than women are.

Water has unique phase transitions compared to other molecules because it has a larger volume after it freezes, leading to the sorts of cracks that can be heard on the surface of a lake. In liquid form, the molecules pack more tightly together and form loops and strings, but in the frozen state, they form a crystalline lattice that comes in several different forms when it is frozen under high pressure I, II, III, IV, V, … and if you’ve read Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle, there is the deadly and imaginary ice IX which freezes at room temperature and atmospheric pressure following a seeded, nucleation process. Thank goodness it…

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Is “nothing” a thing, or is there no such thing as “nothing”?

Axis, Praxis

Perhaps we have to start by asking what a “thing” is.

Let’s try the following definition: a thing has the attribute of location in space and time. Further, we might conclude that in order to locate something, we must have a sense of its extent in space and time: its boundaries.

This definition of “thing” is handy because we can “try it on for size”. An apple is a thing: it has a location and a boundary. An electron is a thing, albeit with a more fuzzy location and boundary. Even certain abstractions can count as things under this definition, like the United States, or a hurricane, or a sports team.

But eventually we must come to concepts. Are they things? I don’t really know. Dragons are not things in the real world. But what about the concept of dragons? Is that a thing? I suppose you could say…

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How To Grow A More Grateful Mindset

Martin's Thought

I believe that changing one’s mindset takes time, energy and dedication. Like most things, it won’t happen overnight. Especially, when something has been done for many years, it will also take many many years to alter. So, time is one obstacle that we must be aware of but the other thing we need to remember is that negative and pessimistic thinking has a very strong impact on us. I have a rule where I work, if any of my students say one negative comment to themselves, they have to say the opposite positive comment 5 times. Because I believe that negative and pessimistic thinking is 5 times stronger than the counterpart. If someone says you don’t look good today, I think the impact is as strong as having 5 people say you do look good today. This is something that we need to be aware of. How strong negativity and…

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Obstacles and Opportunities

Uncommon Sense

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom ruled by a pretty good king. And, through this kingdom, there was a road. And, on this road, there was a big rock right in the middle of the road.

One of the king’s ambassadors returning from a trip complained about how the kingdom was going to pot and rode his horse around the rock.

A rich merchant came by and complained about the delay as his driver slowly edged around the rock and hurried on.

A countess in her carriage whined that the king should take better care of the road system.

Many other people came by and went around the rock throughout the day. Then, a poor peasant came by carrying a large load of vegetables he hoped to sell in the market.

When he approached the rock, he set down his burden. He pushed and pulled at the rock…

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Poetry – Half a Brain

Opher's World

Half a Brain


We’re all born with half a brain.

The other half grows with love and care.

We neglect it at our peril.

Stunted brains may rip and tear.

All brain cells are nurtured

With cuddles, songs and laughs.

Every baby deserves a chance

With books, lullabies and crafts.

Neglecting our babies

Will stop their brains from growing,

Stifle their curiosity

So they won’t grow up knowing.

So many adults

Going round with half a brain

For want of a little loving

Their life went down the drain.

Opher – 12.11.2019

Minds are fragile things. Without proper love, nutrition and care they develop badly. So many people are left emotionally crippled with lowered intelligence.

Every child deserves the best start in life.

We are all so fragile.

I think that is why we live in such a violent, destructive and greedy society.

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7 Things to Quit

Coaching Skills International

So much of life comes down to personal attitude, and our willingness to harness and select our different thoughts. We get into grooves and ruts that can make us miserable. And it takes effort to shift these and create some different tracks.

However, it’s definitely worth it if we want to change and grow, reach our full potential, and realize our goals.

So, don’t let the status quo, tiredness or apathy allow you to stop trying, or knock you off your path.

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