On the Pill

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memory pill

He gave me a pill
to help me recall
but I never remember
to take it so I decided
I’d set the alarm,
worked fine the first day
but I forgot to set the
clock the next day.

I tied a string around
my finger to remind me.
Everyone asked me why
it was there.
Don’t know, but when
I remember, I’ll tell you.

How did it work, the doctor said.
What? The pill to remember.
I just shook my head.

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One Being – One Love – One Life

Didis Art Design

All is saturated
With Your Consciousness
In shades and grades
From the lowest to the highest
From the smallest to the largest

All Being is Your Consciousness
Everything has sound and colour
Everything rests in itself
Everything carries Your light
Everything is Your handwriting

Pure consciousness You are
Pure love, pure life
Your kingdom built with stones
Full of consciousness of any size, any kind
Conscious perfection

All is connected with everything
Nothing is separated
Flowing Consciousness through All Being
A Being of All and Nothing
Symphony of Light and Sound

Every atom, every particle
Is Your universe within us
Every sun, every star
Is Your colour, Your light
Every drop Your Ocean…

DidiArtist, 27.07.2019

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