Building Life

The Perceptions Square

Accepting Life
Embracing materialism
Spirit builds life
Brick by Brick.

Acquiring skills
Learning the art
Soul weaves life
Brick by brick.

Shaping the world
Guiding the light
Building the world
Brick by brick.

Awaiting the end
Contented with glory
Spirit leaves body
Brick by brick.

©2020 Piyush Singh

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Mind vs Heart

The Perceptions Square

Mind follow rules
Heart forgive those
Who break them

Mind does calculations
Heart accept

Mind is always cautious
Heart becomes

Mind is often scientific
Heart follows

Confusing is their
You become invincible
When you agree with both

©2020 Piyush Singh

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Night Light

Connecting Beyond

Despite what is occurring in our collective lives regarding health, regarding relationships, regarding family and work, we were all born with free will to choose how we will live. So with this is mind ….

Be Peace

Be Compassion

Be Light

Be Love

Be Kindness

Be Comfort

Be You

All photographs were taken in the dark with my Canon EOS 5DMkIV and 430EX III-RT Speedlite. Only minimal editing has been done with each one. There are no special effects added.

Photography/ “Night Light” /Feb. 2020©AmyRose Photography
All images watermarked for protection.

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Obligatory fall foliage post

K. Smith Photography

Like pretty much all photographers, I’m out with the camera a lot this time of year. Sometimes more than I feel inclined to. Is it weird that I sometimes feel pressured to get out and take pictures even though there isn’t anyone standing there with crossed arms and a tapping foot? Like I’m a dancing monkey or something.

I do love it and it is an incredible time to be outside, but it somehow feels a bit like work and I tried really hard to get my head out of that mindset this year. Am I the only one or do you feel like that a little sometimes? It’s stupid, unproductive and just false. No one is making me go out and I have no obligation to do so. But it still feels like a relief to have some fall photographs each year. That I’ve done my duty and been…

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