I do not wish upon anyone

To have endless thoughts and anxious mind

Going back and forth of past and future

Forgetting their existence in the present

I do not wish upon anyone

To have fear consuming their soul

Hearing the devil’s whisper

Disguising as an angel

I wish no one would ever think

Of this unnecessary thoughts

I wish no one would ever feel

This excruciating pain

To be able to live in peace is a privilege I

do not have

Every door leads me back to the labyrinth

Full of devils calling my name

Shaming me for my lack of persistence

I do not wish upon anyone, even my


To feel what I feel

I do not wish upon anyone, even my


To fall into this black hole, like I did

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In blue


The woman in blue sits alone with her soup, contemplating the life that she had. As she reads the F.T. She discovers the world that she once lived in wasn’t that bad. With a twist of her head she regards passers by and she’s pleased she’s not out in the rain, then she turns to her thoughts and remembers herself, an old lady that lives with her pain.

With his headphones he’s lost in his own little world blanking out all the static white noise. Not a man who takes part in those manly team games, never was thought as ‘one of the boys’. So he studiously sits at his table and reads from his phone which reports all the news, and ignores all the folk that walk past him as they can’t compete with his internet muse!

Yes I sit with a drink as I watch life go by…

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It Must Be Love


i pretend
that i seek the sun,
for nature
binds me
to its
own limitations,
of how
trees should grow,

and so
leaning away
from you
my branches
seem to stretch,
but unseen
i play within
nature’s own
rules of freedom,

where hidden
from the eyes
of all
prescribed laws,
my roots
spread their limbs
in all possible

for yours,
for you.

© vidursahdev 2020

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Artificial Theater

hands in the garden

artificiality is a date sensitive
modality and that’s official
word from day’s best
artificial deity,

superficial reciprocity
is rampant and that’s
official word from
the sacrificial

when art’s made official
olympic sport, give me a ring
and like a prince, i’ll come
paint the court.



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