The Symphony of Time

The Perceptions Square

Past, present or future
An illusion of this master
Elements are dancing
From atoms to stars
From Life to death
On the Symphony of time

Sometimes it runs slow
Sometimes it runs fast
From where it came
To where it goes
Maybe we’ll never know
The Symphony of time

©2020 Piyush Singh

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Shalom 🕯️🙇🌟✨💫 — Kindness


Morning Blessing: May God lift your chin, awaken your heart, and open your eyes to all you possess in Him. May you refuse to let your disappointments define you. May you instead stand on that barren land and envision a harvest. May you experience a revival of faith in the very place of your heartbreak!…

via Shalom 🕯️🙇🌟✨💫 — Kindness

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A Song of Sifting Sands

Wish I Were Here

There is a place that I always knew existed, hidden behind a secret door in my soul. It seemed that I had searched for eternity. I peered into the darkness, hands out in front of me, searching for a crack in the wall, a keyhole, a sliver of light. Some sign of a way in.

I am unable to recall when I first learned of Namibia. Images must have paraded before my eyes – a National Geographic documentary, surely. What I do recollect: the absolute stillness of recognition. A paused heartbeat. Breath caught. Then, a nod.

It takes a vast soul to see the beauty in desolation. The enchantment of wastelands. Infinity in the emptiness.

August 2015. So there I was. The doorway was a mirror. My presence was the key. I stepped through. When I turned around, the door was not only gone. It had never been there at…

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Stand by Me

A Bit of Wiggle Room

I am not sure this is true for most professions or not. In the past few years, work places are moving toward more collaboration or specifically more toward team oriented. Working alone (I don’t necessarily mean in complete isolation) becomes thing of the past. I also don’t mean there is no time to think independently either. But the trend is more of doing more of coming to do works together at many levels. The goal isn’t for more quantity but more of quality.  Pair working is encouraged for many things you do daily. I think it is a good thing.  As a consumer, especially when you use health care service, it could make you feel better if you see more than one doctors work for our condition.

Of course there are things to overcome when you work close with others. I am sure you can think of few things that…

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