i am one, too (audio poetry 4:11)

words divinely wrought

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franz-dvorak_in_the_orchard_1912_oil_on_canvas-large“In The Orchard” by Austrian painter Franz Dvorak (1862-1927)

I am One who carried water
to those who were parched
And stood to the side
while they quenched their deepest thirsts,
Who stepped up when so many others backed away ~
When the call was sounded
I answered with a resounding Yes
Placed the needs of the collective ahead of my own
Renounced the comforts of center and sought out edges
before repeatedly plunging to my so-called life
And walked and crawled
and spilled my blood along the roadway

I am One who traveled bare-hearted
and alone
Whose alienation echoed
even in the crush of madding crowds
I dared to approach the unapproachable
with naked familiarity
Reached out empty hands only to draw them back
moments too soon
I asked Why and Why Not and Why…

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