How to coach your brain to increase your attention span - by F. Kaskais

[Photo: Unsplash]

Our chronic sleep deficits play a big role in our difficulty focusing on one task. But—and no surprise here—so do our cellphones and constant stream of emails.


The word “attention” in psychology is a catchall referring to any process that influences what information from the world breaks through and affects your thinking. The term “attention span” is the amount of time that you can spend working on a particular task, whether that is writing a report, reading a book or article, or listening to a talk.

Many people feel like their attention span is too short. They can’t stay focused on one thing for too long before they start doing something else. Your attention span can be influenced by internal factors (your own brain leads you to shift from one task to another) or by external factors (something in the outside world calls to…

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