Do this for yourself.

Meditation Dictations

It’s easy to get caught up in this technology based society. It’s easy to get caught up in what other people think. I just deleted snapchat and instagram because i felt i was subconsciously posting things to make people think higher of me. I want to learn to appreciate myself and my life. Self love is the most important. Through deep meditation i have learned that there are times when you have to do really difficult things in order to protect yourself (cut off negative people, habits, and ect.) . I learned that it’s important to nurture your body and mind before taking care of somebody else’s. Last night i felt as if God was speaking to me through my mother. She was telling me how i would be better off cutting off all that negativity from my life and that it’s easy to get caught up in what other…

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The Value of Letting Go

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There is a difference between “JUST GET OVER IT!” and letting it go. It’s weird but one is a problem and the other is a strategy.

“Get over it!” is a very industrial revolution era type suggestion. This was a time when changes were brutal and corporal punishment was the way of the world. Any one who cared about you would caution you against any action you might take with the fire of injustice your belly.  After  all life was cheap, your life actually. Your only hope was to some how move on, get over it. This is a very toxic thing to have to do but probably not much worse than the air you had to breathe, the water you had to drink and the hunger and cold you had to endure.

“Get over it” was something I did hear often enough and young enough that I thought it had…

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