PaperBack vs Ebooks

Random Thoughts

First of all, Books are always good irrespective of their format.

Indulging in this debate is like running on a circular track with no finishing line.

Mentioning some pros and cons of both the formats:

Pros of Printed Books:

1. I feel close to the characters and author when I read from a physical book.
2. The joy of underlining with colourful highlighters/pencils/markers and coming back later to revisit them.

3. Doodling on the pages. You cannot complete a book without leaving your signature remarks here and there.

4. Stylish bookmarks: A book is incomplete without bookmarks.They are like a charger to the mobile. You can give personalized touch to them by using your flight tickets,chocolate wrappers, etc.

5. Fragrance of Paperbacks gives you a vintage feel as if you have just visited a library.
6.They add feathers to your reading collection.

7. Connect you with other book…

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