Just Like His Dad

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He swaggers and sways
just like his dad
every gesture is the same.
I smile as I watch him
following his dad
and hope he copies
only that which is pure and true.

I say something harsh
and days later
my daughter says the same;
I cringe at her words
for I know where they came
and wish I could wipe them
from her lips and mine.

Be careful when you speak;
act with love every time
for our children learn
by what they hear and see.
Let’s give them our best
and help them become
all that they were meant to be.

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Using Photography as a Therapeutic Tool for Those Living with Disfigurement

WebInvestigator.KK.org - by F. Kaskais

Photography bears witness to the world in which we live, transforming now only how we see, but also how we think. It’s most primal power lies in the fact that you simply cannot unsee what it has shown: for better or for worse, it makes the invisible known.

With portraiture, photography adopts a humanizing approach: allowing us to gaze upon the other and discover what connections lie beneath the surface of the flesh and in the well of spirit. To stare is an act of aggression which the photograph neutralizes: it invites us to look tirelessly at someone who is not us, and consider both our relation to them and them in their own right, discovering captivating moments of beauty wherever they may lie.

In the seriesAltered,Manon Ouimettaps into the therapeutic power of photography to help people living with disfigurement reimagine themselves…

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