Samurai: The warrior monks

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I have always been very fascinated by Samurai Warriors.

What is very remarkable about them is not that they were just Warriors but they also had the discipline like that of monks.
The code or the self help book that they used are follow was called bushido the way of the warrior.
I think many of the elements /ideas present there have influence from Buddhism.
Death for a Samurai was not a big deal it was an ever-present phenomenon and being a Samurai meant embracing death in all its entirety.
A Samurai and his family knew that he not returning home the next day was always a possibility.
The the way the Samurai handled his sword was also very influenced by buddhism.

They believed not in passion and anger but in strategy and calmness. Samurai meditated everyday. Being a monk is what made them accept death in its entirety. It…

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