पता नहीं क्या है तू…..!!!!


March 21, 2020
ढल न सकी वो रात है तू
बता न सकुं वो बात है तू
उग न सका वो सूरज है तू
जिस्म से दूर है तू
रूह से पास है तू
आँखों से छलकता पानी है तू
हौसला रखने वाला साथी है तू
हाँ कुछ है तू
पर पता नहीं क्या है तू
जो भी है बहुत खास है तू
जब भी पास आती है तू
होंठो तक आते आते रुक जाता हूं मैं,
कभी किसी ने चाहा है तुझको
कभी किसी ने चाहा है मुझको
माना कि हम दोनों ने भी चाहा था उन्हें बे-इम्तेहां
चखी है हम दोनों ने ही बे-वफाई की मिठास
हाँ झांका है एक दुजे के अंदर हमने,
बची हुई है अभी भी स्वाद मन में
प्यास है इश्क की
पर कतराते है पीने से
क्योंकि कतरा-क़तरा ज़िंदगी को जीते हैं हम
है तो वो कभी न पुरे होने वाले जज़्बात…

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The Social Vigilante


One of the most affected industry due to spread of COVID-19 is Tourism across the globe. There are many countries and island nations whose GDP is solely dependent on tourism, for e.g. Maldives, Iceland, Malta, Philippines, Thailand and list goes on. According to non-profit World Travel and Tourism Council, travel and tourism contributed about $8.8 Trillon to the Global Economy in 2018 and was responsible for 10.4% of the economic activities across the globe.

According to Physics, the damage caused to any mechanism is maximum when it is stalled suddenly which happened during this pandemic. In a period of 02-04 months all major economies were shutdown with almost nil international flights operating, thereby the worst fears of Tourism industry were brought to life. This article discusses about the plight of the industry, challenges ahead and a possible road to recovery.

The Power Brake

Power brake is a safety…

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Corona to Compassion

Musings of a Wanderer

A Hindu by birth

But today if

My religion be asked,

I would say it is compassion

It is being kind

And being humane!

And if I be asked

Do you believe in God?

Of yes,

With all my mind,

With all my being,

With all my heart!

My God is Love

There is nothing but Love

And Love is all that we need to have!

So let us be Kind

Let us be Compassionate and

Let us be Humane!

Let us Pray and

Let us Serve

And make a conscious choice today;

To shift our thoughts

from Fear to Faith,

from Corona to Compassion

Copyright ©

PS: We distributed basic grocery to more than 500 migrant workers families in Pune, India


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Bird Heaven

Heaven On Earth

Before “The Event” that I’m about to tell you about happened, I was drawn to this family’s energy like a bee to honey. In so doing I asked them if I could take their picture. I did my best not to have their faces showing and I even told them I prefer to shoot them as they looked out over the water. However, things do shift occasionally and for some reason the Dad went over to his son several times while I was shooting. When finished I continued my walk in Bird Heaven.

Yes, this photograph really was taken 2 days ago! Did your heart sigh?

There were so many Warblers and other birds that no matter in which direction I faced, I saw birds. I’ve never seen so many birds as this Spring! Never! I couldn’t get enough of the breathtaking lightness these birds brought with them. Walking and…

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Finding your True Passion in Life

Coaching Skills International

Be brave with your life

Are you trying to discover your passion in life? The following questions might help your with this.

1. What puts a smile on your face? Is there a particular event, a particular topic that makes your whole face just lighten up? Whatever it is that makes you smile, and makes you happy whenever you encounter it, this is a sign of something you are passionate about.

2. What do you find easy? Usually, what we find easy for us to do, will be related to what we are passionate about. It’s very hard to hate something that is very easy for us!

3. What sparks your creativity? Think about something in your life where you seem to always expand its horizon, always coming up with new, fun, and exciting ideas relating to that subject. Whatever makes you creative is probably something that you are very passionate about.

4. What would…

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