Jumbled Letters

If I think, what I see, what I perceive are just various states of mind, I may very well say boldly, longing is the origin. The footsteps we take, that just penetrates the ground in a tiny, imperceptible movement, the hot cup of coffee by the window that remains unclaimed even after the rain has stopped long ago, the fresh smell of the soil, when the sky decides to touch the earth in a frenzy of poems that reminds me of the smell of the last book I was reading, all feels somehow surreal yet connected to this feeling of longing. Infact, I am not sure if I long for them or they for me.

A sunset full of shades was piercing the sky last day, a slow progress that touches the horizon but steadily moments before it pulls a blanket over its head only to leave behind the silver…

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Zen: The Authentic Gate

Shifting Sands

I recently read Zen: The Authentic Gate by Yamada Koun. A good introduction to Zen, as I have known very little about it except for the emphasis on meditation in this form of buddhism. Through the reading, I learned that zen exclusively focuses on personal experience with the help of a teacher, and does not place reliance on doctrine or scriptures (even though it does have a loosely formulated set of scriptures). I also came upon the two schools of zen: Soto and Rinzai. Both schools emphasise on sitting in meditation (zazen) as a way of reaching self knowledge. Both also use koans, a form of puzzles to focus the mind in practice, though Rinzai is a lot more koan-oriented, whereas Soto uses them as an additional device. Two very popular koans referred to in the book are Mu and the sound of one hand clapping.
The story…

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Heaven On Earth

When you step into maturity
with an added bonus
of knowing precisely who you are,
you will not tolerate anyone
taking any of your power from you.

No way.
Don’t even think about it.
You own you.
No one else!

You’ve worked too darn hard
to meekly say b-a-a-a-a
but rather you say
in a voice resilient and strong,
“I walk MY way according to me!”

With strength, confidence and dignity
you live and breathe
while your heart beats
without hatred or fear,
quietly anchoring love.

With unshakable conviction
you know one day
your light shall collectively ignite
with all those other bright lights
that the damned shall see.

Faith steers you true
hope holds you steady
intuition guides unerringly
to the ONE perfect path
that leads to the Way.

The Way that announces
you have finally arrived,
Valiant Sovereign Souls,
to Paradise mirroring *HOME*
while existing on Earth.

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Calories, Calories and Calories!

The Lightening bug

At some point in everyones’ life, we are going to stare into a mirror and dislike what we see. For some it may be their hair, others their nose or eyes or even lips, but for many of us, it is the thing on which our head rests on- our body. Some learn to make positive life changes- a change in eating habits or an increase inexercise, while others fall into the trap of excessive dieting and the obsession of calorie counting.

“Oh my God! You are eating a cheese burst pizza. You know a single piece has 369cal”

Image Source- Google Images

” I ate a extra chapati. I gained more calories. I might have gained some weight.”

Calories, calories and more calories. We have an obsession with counting calories. Look at any label on food and right there at the top, usually bigger than anything else, are the…

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Kone, Krusos, Kronos

Castle od San Angelo Rome

“Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn! Look to this Day! For it is Life, the very Life of Life. In its brief course lie all the Verities and Realities of your Existence. The Bliss of Growth, The Glory of Action, The Splendor of Beauty; For Yesterday is but a Dream, And To-morrow is only a Vision; But To-day well lived makes Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness, And every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope. Look well therefore to this Day! Such is the Salutation of the Dawn!”


The more we grow old, the more things we experience in life, some of them a great surprise, and a thing that makes us ponder at life itself.

It’s meaning, and our lot in it.

And we talk, and feel according as to what we consider it was good, or bad, but we did gain anything on it?

I mean even…

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Depression: Feeling down? Follow your senses

The Sunstone Journal

Oh depression! Did the charge of energy you received from the promise of a new year start to wear off? I have to admit I’ve been struggling with post-New-Year-blues myself.

Through the power of mindfulness, using the five senses is something that can be very effective in fighting depression.

Here’s what to do: Make sure you have several minutes of uninterrupted time. Choose an engrossing activity or two (the ones listed below are all examples) and then fully absorb yourself into whatever you are doing. Don’t think about anything else but what you are doing.

Example: If you choose to eat something, eat it slowly and savor the flavor of each bite. Wolfing it down is for the unappreciative. Don’t allow your mind to wander to other things. If it does wander, gently steer your mind back to whatever you are eating. You can think about the…

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Five Strategies to Kill Procrastination

Be Inspired..!!

Procrastination gets a bad rap, but there are upsides to putting things off. Although procrastination can fuel creativity, giving you “time to consider divergent ideas, to think in nonlinear ways, to make unexpected leaps.” But, too much of a good thing can throw a wrench in your professional plans. Sometimes, you just need to get stuff done, and sooner rather than later. To do otherwise is to risk angering your boss, coworkers and clients — not to mention, adding a lot of unnecessary stress.

Here are five strategies to kill procrastination :

  • Before going to bed, prepare a to do list of five items. You can’t trust yourself to make these decisions in the morning. You may put off things you don’t want to do and not get them done.
  • First item should be an easy and/or fun activity. When you cross this item off early in the day, you’ll build…

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Its better to be lonely,
Than being in the crowd.
Its better to stay quiet,
Then explaing yourself.

Everyone is just around,
But no one is with us.
Its better to be alone and sad,
Than having people who never understand you.

People pretend to hear,
But they never care.
Everyone seems well
But no one is the best.

No one can know you,
Better, than yourself.
No one will stay forever,
Everyone leaves some day or the other.

Poet- Divya Parvatrao a budding poet. Got my first poem published recently at  https://www.poetrynation.com/poems/innocent-animals/


If you would like to have your work published in The Poetry Bar send your poem, a few words about yourself and the link to your blog and Instagram account to the e-mail poetrybar1@gmail.com

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-The Color Within Me-


I stood there,
on the streets of flooded human,
with neon and glitters painted on my face.
I stood there,
covering my identity,
waiting to ask people,
“What color do you see in me?”
And I wondered,
would it be the numerous outlines I have drew
with colors of blinding lights,
or would it be my real colors, binding me alive?
Look at me now, under that darkness of neat moon light lingering its spotlight on me.
Does the colors painted on my face hide me for who I am.
Wondering and wandering, the color leaks as the rain pours washing away my facade.
And there, under the glimmering moon, under the pouring rain,
I stand still, with my colors faded, with my mask teared.
And I wonder again, what color do you see in me now.
‘Cause I am vibrant and free that no color painted on me could…

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ATOM to AT OM , Communication with atom one can have harmony with everything , Wind is the finest music …… great post …… love all.

Priyanshi shah

Can you share your sufferings with the mountains?
Feeling textures of stone,
Slowly disclosing the tale.

Can you imagine with stars?
Adoring the elegance,
Slowly skipping the daily occupied lives.

Can you walk with the ocean?
Sensing the tenderness,
Slowly relaxing in the present moment.

Can you sing with the breeze?
Experiencing the chilliness on the skin,
Slowly knowing the existence.

Can you explain the flowers?
Understanding the twinkling details,
Slowly appreciating the complexity of simple things.

Can you communicate with animals?
Believing in companionship,
Slowly ignoring the loneliness.

Can you dance in the rain?
Feeling the pause in raindrops,
Slowly losing yourself to be independent.

Can you touch the moon?
Feeling the mystery,
Slowly learning the patience in continuing.

If not,
Then what is the distinction between you and robot?

In our one life,
Why not acknowledge the complexity in reality,
Through the medium of our dreams, ideas, and…

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Priyanshi shah

The cup of tea and deep conversations.
The bottle of whiskey and few mixtures.

The silence and the rhythm of birds.
Partying and dancing with the unconscious mind.

Laughing at old photographs and creating memories.
Crying at old love and feeling broken.

Pausing the dusk and capturing the silhouette.
Watching Netflix and narrating the mundane.

Staring at stars and knowing the existence.
Noticing the ceiling and whine.

The journey of existence.
The index of life.

Depends on choices,
Sometimes with the right judgments,
Sometimes with the regrets,
Sometimes with the incomplete story,
Sometimes with the chaos,

And yet sometimes,
We remember to be,
Happy in a moment.
And that makes a difference.

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The Sky, and Really Talking

A Teacher's Reflections

A hot night and a beautiful sky.
We dangled our feet in the water and looked up.
The wonder and conversation began.


The quarter moon a few days ago is now a half moon.
Did the first caveman watch the changes in the moon,
or did he watch the changes in the plants?
Which was most important?

What was the biggest discovery?

Hubby thinks it was figuring out that moonlight is the reflection of the sun,
and the Earth revolves around the sun.
I think it was discovering the Earth is round and not flat.


We talked about the changing colors in the sky.
How did early artists paint the sky?
How did they feel when looking at what we are looking at tonight?
I wonder what Vincent was thinking when he painted Starry Night.


We walked through history and science and art, together.
We talked for a long time.

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Affirmations ✨

✨ Inspire Someone Today ✨

I am loved.

I am blessed with good health.

I am a wonderful human being.

I am happy to be who I am where I am and when I am.

I create peace and harmony for myself.

I am happy now in this moment.

I have a lot to offer the world.

I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.

I am becoming wealthy.

I love myself unconditionally.


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