Little Orange Post

when I think of Love I think of you
even though my mind knows it is not
but my heart is mistakenly astute.

it is simple and easy
amidst tangerine skies pushed by gentle zephyrs,

it is calm and balmy
lying in the swells of a patient and emerald sea,

cajoling and cradling
forward an island of evergreen and eternal spring.

when I think of Love I think of you.
even though my mind knows it is not
but my heart is mistakenly astute.

it is torrential and tranquil
this impetuous yearning hidden under a veil,

it is insatiable and sufficient
confounding the night by it’s silent disguise,

nestling and dreaming
secure in a room of memories.

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Important To Someone


If you are important to someone, romantically or not, they will make time for you. It may not be every day or every week. It may not be all day, half a day, or even a whole hour… but it will be often enough. It will be enough to enjoy something in life together. It will be enough to be a friend. Enough to show that you matter.

When distance is a factor, in-person is perhaps a blue moon, but you can make virtual time… any time, any day. Pick up your phone and call or text. Catch up on Social Media. Distance is not a measure of love.

Maybe you’re too busy, work too much, go to school, raising a family… but you can still make time. Even if it’s just a little.

One day, as you’re eating out at a restaurant, or watching that new movie that just…

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Introduce Yourself (Example Post)


This is an example post, originally published as part of Blogging University. Enroll in one of our ten programs, and start your blog right.

You’re going to publish a post today. Don’t worry about how your blog looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just click the “New Post” button, and tell us why you’re here.

Why do this?

  • Because it gives new readers context. What are you about? Why should they read your blog?
  • Because it will help you focus your own ideas about your blog and what you’d like to do with it.

The post can be short or long, a personal intro to your life or a bloggy mission statement, a manifesto for the future or a simple outline of your the types of things you hope to publish.

To help you get started, here are a few…

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A strange kind of peace settles in my heart as the wind screams. An understanding, a sort of realization. Maybe I was born for this. To become one with nature. To serve nature. No other embrace is as pure as this. As hugging a tree. Or kissing a leaf. Or lying on wet grass and gazing at the night sky, watching the shape-shifting clouds and the mischievous stars. Nothing is more perfect. For me, this is perfect. Maybe I was born to be a lone wolf. To be forever wild and free. Not belonging to anyplace, anyone or anything. Never belonging but always content and at peace. I am not lonely. I am alone.

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Marriage : An Inspired Life

Sunshiny SA Site

Married twenty nine years yesterday, I chanced upon this on social media. Had to share.

He is 85 and insists on taking his wife hand in hand wherever they go.

When I asked why your wife is distracted, like she wasn’t following anyone?

He replied : She has Alzheimer’s.

So I said, will your wife worry if you let her go?

He replied, ′′She doesn’t remember… She doesn’t know who I am anymore, she hasn’t recognized me for years”.

Surprised, I said, ′′and still you continue to guide on the way every day even she doesn’t recognize you”.

The elderly man smiled and looked into my eyes. he said, ′′She doesn’t know who I am, but I know who she is. ” SHE IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!”

If only we could all live like this…

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Our Beloved “Grades”

The Lightening bug

Around this time, a lot of people are posting unapologetically, about grades and especially, about the Board results, saying “Grades don’t matter”. They are basically sugar coating their words in an attempt to say things, that youngsters want to hear.

“Intelligence and character is the goal of true education” – Martin King Luther Junior. Image Source- Google images

Although, I do agree with the fact that grades alone are not enough for a good career prospect but, the way it is being propagated on social media, is downright stupid.

It is just an outrageous exaggeration. Many students have warped the meaning of this saying, into thinking since grades are not required for a better professional development, they don’t need to do well in academics. But is this the kind of mindset we should carry out around ourselves?

Image Source- Google Images

For as long as examination exist, grades will matter…

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Bewitched by Art (A Ballad of freedom)

tales told different

Every canvas is a journey,
Every stroke, an emotion.

Across the pale manila,
She Plies her fantasies,
Resplendent brush strokes
That siphon her deepest desires.
She exhumes her dormant splendor,
And splashes her retinue of pleasures.
Bringing to life!

As the smooth clay swivels between his fingers
He moulds a buxom flowerpot
Lythe at the top
Voluptuous below.
He mirrors the visage of his desire
As carnal thoughts guide his steady hands.
Building from dreams!

On that empty canvas,
She is unbound and unshackled.
What will she draw?
A Spartan virtuoso adept at ecstasy,
Or that circlet of amethyst gems,
Born of a perfect romance.
Maybe she will be Queen
Ruling an Amazon world,
Or a warrior, enslaving evil men
Many choices, none of them wrong!

Across his perfect vase,
He can lust without guilt,
He can etch his own designs.
What need will he portray?
What bliss…

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What Is the Realistic Value of a Language?

Foundation Operation X for languages, cultures and perspectives

Written by Dyami Millarson

The question of a language’s value is relevant to language preservation. Language has made humans more evolutionarily succesful than any other species on planet Earth. When I think about language deeply and observe what it does, I see it as a system that is mimicking observed reality. Language is a parallel reality of sorts. It took me many years of experience with language-learning to grasp this profound yet simple truth. Language is a simulation of reality, and therefore words are the building blocks of this simulated reality.

Humans gained an evolutionary advantaged by creating their own parallel reality based on the immediately observed reality, and that is also why I think humans gained the mysterious ability of abstraction and imagination. In my view, these are merely an extension of the nature of language: fiction is the product of human beings’ ability to mimick reality by using…

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Through the rain. A haiku and Renga collaboration.

tales told different

Aishwarya and I are back with a rain collaboration.

This time we used the haiku form, with accompanying one liners.
And even wrote a Renga at the end.

She wrote in (light italics) and I used the (bold italics)
Hope you enjoy this.

Through the rain

Do you see it,
Rolling in on darkened clouds.
Can you catch its elysian scent,
Tumbling on the torrent winds.
A promise,
And a warning!
The feeling that things will not be the same,
Or scourged?

Through her incessant,
Downpour, she communicates,
Forlorn or happy?

When it rains, cheer on Earth reigns, is nature happy unburdening herself?

For erosion smoothes the rough edges, and draws new lines of potential.

As deluge cascades
Reflections of the self glisten
Splashes of new life

Tears renew spirit
So does rain, washes old.
New memories made

Sometimes a tear or two energises self…

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ore de drum

Egipt, 2018

Despre Regele Scorpion, unul dintre cele mai misterioase personaje din istorie, citisem înainte să pornesc spre Egipt.

Mă împăcasem cu gândul că nu voi afla nimic nou despre el dar, prin deșertul nubian

și prin pustietățile Sinaiului

mi-a revenit, stăruitoare, în minte, doar această plăsmuire.

Am scotocit prin muzeele egiptene după indicii.

Unele studii susțin că el ar fi întemeietorul Egiptului faraonic, dar documentele trunchiate și aluzive ale primilor cronicari istorici oferă doar fantasme.

În Egiptul prefaraonic, scorpionii se strecurau peste tot, pe sub vreo piatră, într-un vas de lut uitat descoperit, prin cotloanele locuințelor din chirpici.

Se acomodau ușor la condiții vitrege și nu ieșeau decât atunci când reușita era certă.

Deșertul era mediul lor preferat, dar se simțeau bine și în umezeala văii Nilului, în mlaștinile cu vegetație luxuriantă. Se trăia sub amenințarea lui tăcută.

Teologii egipteni susțineau că veninul scorpionului se scurgea din lacrimile lui…

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Is Spirituality a Component of Wisdom?

Health and Medical News of Note

As more and more people in the USA identify as “spiritual not religious”, it is interesting to see some researchers believing spirituality as a marker of wisdom.
Neuroscience is presently an emerging field of study – neruotheology ( spirituality neuroscience). It uses neuroimaging techniques as fMRI and computed tomography.

From the October 22, 2020 article at the UC San Diego News Center

Wisdom has gained increasing interest among researchers over the last few decades as a biologically based personality trait relevant to physical well-being and mental health. Previous studies have identified six common, measurable components of wisdom: pro-social behaviors (empathy, compassion, altruism and a sense of fairness), emotional regulation, self-reflection or insight, acceptance of divergent perspectives, decisiveness and social decision-making.“…

…The researchers also found that spirituality correlated positively with age: older people tended to be more spiritual. And women scored higher in spirituality than men.

“Spirituality does not…

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Dhammapada verses 100 – 102

The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople

Better than a thousand meaningless statements
Is one meaningful word,
Which, having been heard,
Brings peace.

Better than a thousand meaningless verses
Is one meaningful line of verse,
Which, having been heard,
Brings peace.

Better than reciting a hundred meaningless verses
Is one line of Dharma,
Which, having been heard,
Brings peace. (translated by Gil Fronsdal)

This chapter of the Dhammapada is usually titled “Thousands” and we can easily see the theme it’s taking up. In the three verses, the second line starts out describing “one meaningful word”, is then refined to “one meaningful line of verse”, and finally lands on “one line of Dharma”. We could say that these three expressions form a progression or we could say that they are equivalent to each other.

The implication is that much of our normal conversation is made up of meaningless statements or verses. We all understand the idea of meaningless…

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Dhammapada verses 106-107

The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople

Better than a thousand ritual sacrifices
Offered every month for a hundred years
Is one moment’s homage offered
To one who has cultivated herself.

Better than a hundred years
In the forest tending a ritual fire
Is one moment’s homage offered
To one who has cultivated himself. (translated by Gil Fronsdal)

These verses touch on an important point in the Buddhist doctrine. One of the beliefs the Buddha addressed repeatedly during his life was the idea that people could redeem or cleanse themselves through saying certain words, or paying a priest to say certain words, or tending a small fire in a ritual way, believing that these actions would eliminate the fruits of any bad karma that had been acquired. It’s a kind of magical thinking that is still quite common in the world today. 

One of the marks of a stream-entrant (first stage of awakening) is that the belief…

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Soul Vs. Ego

Change Through Love

We have the ego, which is how you would describe yourself, the identity you have created based on your perceptions. We then have the soul, which is pure consciousness, it is love based, and cannot be described, it simply is. The ego is what drives you towards greed, selfishness, lust, deception, manipulation, your care for how you are perceived, etc. A lot of what the ego desires is what the world portrays as “living your best life.” This is why you see celebrities who are perceived to have it all, die of a drug overdose. It is tragic. They had every ounce of fuel for their ego, attention, money, sex, drugs, success, admiration, but it wasn’t enough, and that is because the ego never feels full, there is no joy within the ego, only temporary bouts of happiness and instant gratification. There is often a feeling of emptiness when you…

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Rinzai 91

Zen Fools

You say that everywhere there is training and there is realisation. Do not be deceived. Although something (realisation) can be attained by training, it only creates the Karma of rebirth and death.

You say you train in the Six Perfections and the Ten Thousand Practices. As I see it, they are all productive of Karma.


This part can sound quite confusing since it can cause us to wonder what Buddhism is and why we should practise if there is no enlightenment to be attained by practice. He said these words for the people who are so involved in practice and enlightenment that they are likely to be attached to the forms of them, so that he might prevent people from being deluded by the illusions of practice and enlightenment.

The purpose of practice is to attain enlightenment, which is to see everything as empty. When everything is empty, not…

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Q. If searching for happiness doesn’t bring happiness, then why should we seek answers in the first place?

Zen Fools

A. All that we human beings do is to pursue happiness, to meet our desires. Even reading this writing is also a kind of act to search for happiness. Buddhism doesn’t discourage people from pursuing happiness but encourages them to do it in the right way.

In order to search for happiness, we should at least know what happiness is first of all; what it is like and where it is. However, unfortunately we don’t know what it is like and where it is since we have never seen it before. In other words, we are struggling in vain to attain something we don’t know. This is why we don’t succeed in achieving happiness.

Buddhism says that prior to searching for happiness, we should attain the way to recognise happiness, which is to see things as they are. When we can see things as they are, we can realise that…

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Under the August Moon

Dawning Creations

The moon brings this back.
The calm, the echoes of your last spoken words.
I heard.
I heard a confession, a beautiful unraveling of inner self.

I heard.

The moon brings this back.

Every time I watch that August, hazy summer moon, my mind pauses.
All the busy details of the day trail off, and I hear your words and see your smile.

Everything about you goes without saying.

The August moon brings this back, brings your sweet words to my ears like an old record.
The August moon, so much like the blissful grey staining the boundless blue of your honest eyes, and brings you back to me.
It’s as if you’re next to me, watching the moon, sitting in plain colored garments but outshining the green in the grass and the blue in the sky, with just yourself, your eyes, your words.

I love…

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