Reading challenge – 2019

The Bach

As posted previously , I am very much on track to complete reading 52 books for 2020. This challenge is one of the only two resolutions I had taken for this year. The other resolution was to start blogging again and to post 52 posts. As you can see, I am far far behind on second one.

Anyways, with books, I am currently on number 45 of 52. This apparently is five titles ahead of schedule.! You can check-out my books feed at the bottom of blog. Or it is at side bar if you reading this post on a PC. When I reach 52, you will get a post.

However, I still owe you my “recommendations post” for last year – 2019. I am aware that It’s about 10 months too late. But hey, I wasn’t blogging last year.

Here you go. I have categorised in five levels and…

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