Cœur au Sol

Notes & Silence

J’ai le cœur si sensible.
Comment se fait il qu’il se maintienne encore après tout ce temps ?

Au moindre moteur approchant, aux craquements des marches,
aux premières oscillations des gorges qui veulent crier,
aux abords des luisances des yeux qui veulent pleurer,
le voilà ce cœur qui court en tout sens et cavale à tout-va.

Un jour, j’en suis sûr, il se décrochera,
d’un battement plus fort que les autres,
que nul ne comprendra.

Comme un tableau que l’on retrouve au sol
dans une pièce que l’on pensait inoccupée.
Comme un oisillon à qui l’on a pas vraiment appris à s’envoler
se retrouve au pied d’un arbre.

Qui saurait en tenant le corps froid entre ses paumes
s’il s’est écrasé dès l’aube ou si le soir venu, il est tombé d’épuisement
après avoir suivi les ailes amples et fluides
des oiseaux passant à portée de son nid ?

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Thanksgiving 2020

nature has no boss

Perhaps the fattest little chipmunk we have ever seen feasts on some late season flowers.

While our gatherings may be smaller this year they will not be any less festive and given what we have experienced this year we do have much to be thankful for.

Cheers and wishing you a wonderful day.

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Music From the Heart

Please enjoy the poem of my friend Varun www.varungenius.wordpress.com accompanied by my music Celtic Vision.
Enjoy reading the poem while listening to the mp3.

Celtic Vision mp3

Celtic vision

A flower that blooms,
An eye that dreams,
A light that spreads,
A window above the heads,
A bed of green grass,
A lens of clean glass, A land of beautiful variations,
A bond of valuable relations,
A smile of happiness and joy,
A spark of hope in the eye,
A fire of doing something great,
A word of strong weight, A law that reveals the truth,
A vibe of energy in youth,
ALL ARE CONNECTED! To every fragrance we inhale, we are
connected, (PLEASURE)
To every eye that opens to reality, we
are connected, (REALIZATION)
To every spectrum of light, we are
connected, (ENLIGHTENMENT) To every window that opens, we are
connected, (AWAKENING)
To every grass that is green, we…

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Strings of Light

Music From the Heart

(photo Mel Gama)

Connected by the strings of Light
I dance my love for freedom
Connected by the strings of Light
I play the music of angels
Connected by the strings of Light
I paint the world of my dreams
Connected by the strings of Light
I sing my song of happiness
Connected by the strings of Light
I am that I am…
…And He pulled the sparkly strings of Love.

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Questions for Knowing Yourself Better

Coaching Skills International

It’s really important to be self-aware; and it can also be fun to get to know yourself better. The following questions can help you with this:

1. If you could change one aspect of your life or personality, what would it be?

2. Are you ‘your own person’ or are you defined, and pushed around, by others?

3. Is there any area of your life where you feel out of control?

4. Do you feel more comfortable in an organized or chaotic environment?

5. How comfortable are you with spontaneous ideas, or a last minute change in plans?

6. Do you feel renewed by being around others, or is it crucial for you to have time on your own?

7. Are you motivated, or undermined, by competition?

8. Do you work well under pressure, or do you tend to fall apart?

9. Are you better at praising and complimenting others…

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Glory Be

Bill Tonnis Ministries

Image by Henning Sørby from Pixabay

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” – Rumi


Listen to my song “How Magnificent, Wondrous and Glorious” on YouTube by clicking HERE.


Psalm 96:11-12

Let the heavens be glad and the earth rejoice; let the sea and what fills it resound; let the plains be joyful and all that is in them. Then let all the trees of the forest rejoice.


What brings more joy than when you experience awe and wonder?

You suddenly come upon a breathtaking sunset.

You look into the eyes of a baby who is smiling at you.

You are singing the words of your favorite song.

You are deeply immersed in your favorite activity.

These are the times when you experience no time.

You are simply in the flow of the

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Ways of Wizards

Truly Key of Wisdom , love all.



I met a wizard one day by a creek;

I sat down and listened when he started to speak.

He spoke of the nature of space and of time,

He said they’re illusions construed in our minds,

He told me we were made from the ashes of stars,

And that some of my grandkids will be living on Mars.

He said that the grass was every color but green,

There’s no future and no past, but only in-between,

In other dimensions, beyond the known three,

Inertial momentum becomes gravity;

He told me of things so amazing and grand,

That most of his words I could not understand.

He saw my confusion, to him I was blind,

He said the solution was to open my mind.

He reached in his pocket, and smiling at me,

He pulled out a locket and inside was a key,

He said, “Take this with you…

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Two Frogs Were Talkin’ about Humanity

SharmaJi's Solutions

Yesterday, I Went To a Park. It Was Very Early Morning , That’s Why Very Few Humans Were Out There. I Was Sitting on The Bench & Enjoying The Sound of Cold Breeze, Chirping Birds & Falling Leaves. It Was All Beautiful But Suddenly Tur Tur Tirr TurTur Tar.

The Two Frogs

An Ugly Sound Reached My Ears. On a Big Leaf Inside a Muddy Puddle Two Small Frogs Were Making These Sounds. Both Were Sitting In Front Of Each Other and It Seems Like that They Were Having a Debate. I Was Used To It Because I Frequently Watch TV Debates But Frogs Were Looking Calmer Than TV Debaters.

I Started Listening More Deeply. Suddenly I Found That They Were Talking about Me. Yes I Was Feeling Lucky Because at least Frogs Were Talking About Me. They Were Talking Like ” Look at That Man .He is a…

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Put The Glass Down

Oke Iroegbu's Blog (African Bard & Storyteller)

It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on. To heal your wound, you need to stop touching it.

A professor entered his classroom with a glass of water. He raised the glass of water. Everyone in the room expected the half entry or half full question. Instead, to everyone’s surprise, the professor smiled and inquired: “How heavy is this glass of water?” The answers called out for the range from 8 Oz to 15 Oz.

“I need to weigh it to know how much exactly it weighs. But the question, I want you to answer is – what if I held the glass up for a minute?” asked the professor.

“Nothing,” the students answered unanimously.

“But what if I hold it for an hour?” asked the professor.”

“Your arms will start aching,” answered one of the students.

“You are right! But what if I held…

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What is Your Religion??

Musings of a Wanderer

I am a Hindu by birth. But if someone asks me what is my religion, I would say:

  • It is KINDNESS

And my God is:LOVE

My God is not sitting in a temple or a church or a mosque or any other place of worship. There is no god sitting on any mount or in any heaven!!

The love in our hearts is God! If we are kind, if we are compassionate; we are godly; we are spiritual!

There is no God outside of you. There is no God outside of me.

There is no God who can ever be explained or defined!

Love doesn’t need any language. Love is a feeling and it can only be experienced. Love only needs loving! And God Being Love needs only loving. God too can only be experienced.

Hindu scriptures describe God as: Satchitananda — Sat Chit Ananda


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What is this life??

Unlocking The Hidden Me

#poetry #life

What is this life

Full of magic and hidden surprise

Sometimes it gives you reason to smile

And sometimes just to sit back and wonder why?

What is this life

Full of happiness to hold amid momentary gains

Too many roads to travel and opportunities to unravel

But which road to choose is the real game.

What is this life

Full of loved ones around you

Making you feel blessed and sane

Literally giving you a jibe when you start to succeed beyond their domains

What is this life

Testing your temperament at each step

Whether you will survive or go astray

Lucky you are, if you happen to realize

What is this life

Full of nature and beauty to admire

For some to accomplish a thousand desires

And for some to just repent what they lost and couldn’t acquire

What is this life

It’s anything but…

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Who am I?

That's what Shi said

It is one of the very important questions in your life. Answering it will open many doors for you.


Different person have different aspirations. We co-exist speaking different languages, wearing different clothes, studying different courses, becoming different professionals. We help each other directly or indirectly, willingly or unwillingly. The exterior of you is defined by society whether you like it or not. Interior of you is defined by you.

Are you sure you have a definition for yourself?

Some of us stick to our goddamn personalities and say, ‘ This is who I am and I won’t change’. Truth is, we change. We change almost every day, every hour we are awake. We learn, we evolve. We just don’t agree that we can be changed. Just like our exterior appearances, our interior system can also be redesigned and redefined.

A short story to understand:

There were two brothers who…

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