when the thin veil weeps

Make Believe Boutique

Our world desperately needs to come in from the lost islands of desiccated individualism and learn to stand again on the fecund earth where vibrant and vital interaction can happen between people.

Our world is facing so many crises ecologically, economically, and spiritually. These cannot be overcome by isolated individuals. We need to come together.

There is incredible power in a community of people who are together because they care, and who are motivated by the ideals of compassion and creativity.

~John O’Donohue

all I can do is continue to show up and offer whatever I have left….

inquiry for today~ lean into what you reaches you from the thin veil here…

how did that full moon feel in your heart?

In this long and quiet day, 
I chance to glimpse the Eternal 
as it seeps through the smallest 
detail: lip of cup, dip of wind, 
stretch of light across…

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