Yoga Inspiration Spread with Inspiration from the Bhagavad Gita


The topic of our Yoga Inspiration Spread today is Clarity (Deutsch: Klarheit). On the Card you can see Krishna dancing on Kaliya.


The legend of Kaliya is found in the Bhagavatapurana. Kaliya lived in the Yamuna River and his poison contaminated the river water. One day Krishna climbed on a tree standing on the shore; from there his ball fell into the water and Krishna jumped after it. Immediately Kaliya rose his more than one hundred heads and spat poison. Krishna hurled the snake around, jumped on it and danced on its heads until blood came out. At the request of Kaliya’s numerous women, Krishna allowed Kaliya to retreat into the sea, whereupon the water of the Yamuna became drinkable again. Krishna is a Hindu form of the Divine and is usually worshipped as the eighth avatara of Vishnu. For his followers Krishna is the incarnation of the Supreme.

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