the world as we know it

Ananda Only

[1 MINUTE READ] an exploration of origins

from a latent presence in a void
we arose

as the emptiness of space, devoid of coordinates
condensing into objects, creating distance
set adrift into movement, creating time

our existence has mostly been imbued with intangibles
a pervasive silence, an unfathomable infiniteness

that descended into the world as we know it
as the main character in an unfolding story
of appearances and disappearances
that make us believe
that things that begin
must come to an end

even as drops of mist still arrive onto windows
seeds turn into trees and fall in their shadows

beneath the body and breath
beyond the heart and mind
is a stillness that reminds us
we came from the void


The canvas on which the world unfolds cannot be seen, touched or defined – but is the ground on which everything exists. It is referred to as…

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