Traps of Tradition #whatdoyousee

tales told different

Many of us are born into some kind of tradition.
Taught a certain way of life.
Be it the street gangster code,
Or the old cultural rituals,
The nuclear family innovations,
Or a religious upbringing
Each of us is born into a particular set of rules
Some will come to love these teachings,
But others,
try as they may,
Will never feel at home,
in their home traditions.

#whatdoyousee photo prompt

I see a modern girl in an ancient world
Tired of long cloaks dyed with modesty
Of being draped head to toe in inhibitions
And left to envy the freedom of the morning mists.
Humility is oppressed upon her by men and women alike
Her eyes forced down everywhere she goes
But Oh, how she longs!
To gaze upon the mountain peaks
To climb up the willow tree
And dance in the verdant garden shades
Oh how she craves!

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Your Love Is Near

Kevin Barrett's Blog

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Favorite Line(s):
Now you speak your words warm and sincere
And let’s me know that your love is near
A pretty face you may not possess
But what I like about you is your tenderness
A pretty face maybe some guys taste
But I’ll take lovin’ in it’s place
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Winter Wonderland

Heaven On Earth

Two days ago Winter Wonderland put on quite a show before my bedazzled eyes as I wandered in sugar spun delight. No matter where my eyes turned, I saw divine royalty that stopped my breath. I wandered hither and thither within these Courts of Love, flowing with love emanating from every branch, every precious molecule of air, from the clouds in the sky, from every snowflake beneath my feet, and even from my own breath. I became ONE with All around me. Slowly and deeply I breathed heaven into me.

Heaven. White heaven. How lucky I AM to be in heaven.

For more then two hours I was captivated by how Mother transformed Herself into jaw dropping astonishing beauty. For the first time in a long while, I left my home early, resulting in more “magical moments” for myself then I’ve had for quite some time. I took oodles of…

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Red Sunset

Musings of a Wandering Dryad

I watch the setting sun everyday. It is a privilege which has been bestowed due to the “Work From Home ” situation. We set out on our evening walks and we get to view the sun disappearing behind the distant hills rather than just being sastisfied by the changing colours in the sky brought by a setting sun somewhere beyond the highrises.

I click a picture of that maginificence every day. The sky is aglow with hues of fiery orange and the sun looks like a juicy red fruit. There is no wonder why Hanuman as a child tried to swallow the sun thinking that it is a fruit.

The story is mentioned in Parasara Samhita, where Hanuman as an infant asks for food on a new moon day. His mother Anjana asks him to eat any fruit. Hanuman sees rising Sun, assumes it to be a fruit and gets…

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Musings of a Wandering Dryad

Photo Challenge by City Sonnet

January 17 – Word ending with O


The long stretch of wetlands at Nerul, which is around 10 km from where I live, get yearly visitors in January.

Flocks of lesser and greater flamingos descend, which attracts plenty of visitors.

The flamingos don’t mind the human company and the photographers who throng the place for photos and videos.

We went during low tide and they had retreated farther and hence couldn’t get to see a lot of them near, other than a faint salmon pink line in the horizon.

They will grace us with their presence till the onset of monsoon. So I will be visiting again, just for observing their special moves. It is amazing, watching them twisting and turning their elongated neck in a synchronised dance.

Given below is a lot of esoteric information which I collected from seaworld just to have…

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Sounds of Silence

Musings of a Wandering Dryad

Does it? Does silence have all the answers?

When you seek answers for all those questions needing closure, delving deep within your own silence, you may hear your soul whispering them to you .

But there is a silence which can be deafening. Silence from a person who traps up all the answers you want, in a black hole.

You can interpret that silence in many ways , seeking answers in words that are not spoken.

May be those answers are the ones you do not want to hear.

Hence they are banished by the silence to a place where all the other unspoken word are incarcerated.

Or that silence can be a malevolent miasma that is meant to inflict your spirit.

Or a quake that creates a chasm between bodies and souls.

Or just that there is nothing left to say .

That is when you hear the sounds…

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The Silver Lined Clouds.

Musings of a Wandering Dryad

Every cloud has a silver lining.

The ultimate statement of optimism drafted, right from the elements of the earth.

When I see clouds with a silver lining, they remind me of God’s glory shining through the darkness.

Even though the year 2020 will go down in the history for being a smorgasbord of twists and turns, for many, it was also the year of reinventing for good.

I, for one, would figure out in the first 10 on that list.

The year 2020 began with prospects of a dream job. With weeks to join, disaster struck in the form of Sars Cov 2.

It took a month for me to bounce back, the longest ever. Even then, the clouds were dark, the silver lining, not yet defined.

Hope, faith, and love are three of my precious possessions. I have accumulated them along the long road that I have traveled.


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Fall colors_ Quotes_ Shades of Photography

Brightway 💫

Hello Autumn ! The most wonderful season of the year, known as Fall in US and Canada. An illustrious time when warm days are getting colder, nights are getting longer and so many special activities to spice up the season. This season paints every moment of my life with colors and creates colorful memories for forever. Trees come alive and leaves turn in stunning colors, Such an astonishing landscape it creates when foliage are going to shred by nature.

Here is a glimpse of the magnificent art of nature by the nature’s creator from my fall diary 🍁 as a vindication of some famous fall quotes.

“Crisp breeze, Colorful leaves, Lift up my spirit ! ” – Kriti @Brightway

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wp-1601900931946.jpg
Image Source – Kriti @Brightway

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.”– Oscar Wilde

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wp-1602487620107.jpg
Image Source – Kriti @Brightway

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wp-1602487620173.jpg
Image Source – Kriti @Brightway

“Listen! The wind is…

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I’m Alive…

Triangle Writes...

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Ric Rodrigues on

thoughts running through my mind

hopes, wishes, reflections, speculations

opinions, beliefs, reviews, judgments

feelings, reactions, and all sorts of concerns

my mind is busy all day long,

with all that mental musings and brainwork

i realized and thankful that I’m alive

God is still very patient with me!


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I Am Complete, Just The Way I Am

A lovely friend of mine educated me about an intriguing phenomenon called the Imposter Syndrome. Having gone through it herself, she says it makes one ‘feel like a fraud’. It is a psychological pattern in which one doubts their skills, talents, and accomplishments, and has a persistent internal fear of being exposed as a fraud. And despite a clear external evidence of their competence, they still feel persistent feelings of inadequacy and wrongly attribute their success to luck. Even though this topic in particular might seem extreme, it brings about some ideas that may be relevant to all of us from time to time.

I have often felt like there is some perfect “script” for conversations, and that I cannot say the wrong thing. I have also, therefore, had trouble asking for help from people due to my own high standards. To move past these feelings, I had…

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flameless fire

Haiku hound


Hanging in the sky

volcanic dust-setting sun

a fiery vision

Many evenings especially in Spring and Autumn we take a short drive to Ricketts Point or the Black Rock cliffs on Port Phillip Bay . Usually we walk the dog, breathe the fresh air, often photograph birds and gaze out across the bay looking for a sunset if the time is right. The range of colours and effects depending on the season is countless. Sometimes the sky and water merge into one.

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Haiku Gift for 2020

Haiku Art Site

spruce tree branches
by the windows
each day a painting

new year sunrise
light fills
the red poinsettia

reading Psalms
on a Sunday morning
winter’s rest

time with the Psalms
a dove on the branch
pictures a poem

after rain
the beautiful earth
and gardens grow

May garden
daffodils bloom
through the night

all that has happened
since the last time they bloomed

summer evening
light fills the evergreens
with old and new growth

reading poems
from years ago
perennials grow

catching up a little
with haiku journals
another autumn

some water
for the Christmas cactus
new buds grow

October days
and November in sight
frost on the ground

night sky to sunrise
fragrance of carnations
in the sunroom

new light
in my study

December morning
cold and yet the sun
on orange pumpkins

work in the kitchen
rice with carrots
and kale

before dawn
snow on pumpkins

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