Healing Herbs of Brittany

Bonjour From Brittany

Herbs and plants once played a key role in the traditional medicine of Brittany, being employed in a wide variety of remedies to treat all manner of diseases in humans and animals. Most proprietary recipes were tightly guarded, being handed down within the family from generation to generation. However, knowledge captured from the popular memory in the early 20th century and uncovered in the old pages of witch’s spell books and folklore, allow us to construct a Breton herbal pharmacopoeia.

Traditional healers and herbalists long subscribed to the theory that the beneficial qualities of healing plants were revealed by their shape, colouring, texture and habitat; unique signatures that helped define the virtues of such plants. For instance, the yellow sap of Celandine was considered appropriate for treating jaundice; the blue of the Cornflower brought to mind the iris of the eye; the tubers of the Lesser Celandine resemble haemorrhoids.


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Own Who You are

Heaven On Earth

If you do not respect, like, love, or hold in high value yourself and what you do in your life, contentment or happiness will elude you. On the other hand, emptiness and lack of fulfillment will be your inheritance. Unable to feel admiration towards others’ hard-won accomplishments, unfortunately only frustration or envy will abound within that emptiness. Until you can honestly see how extraordinarily unique you are and in tandem, passionately love what you create, you will be as a lost ship in a storm tossed to and fro unable to find safe harbor.

When I live passionately and fully, beauty abounds in places I did not know exists. My flowers for example, reflect my heart, love, respect, my gentleness and kindness, yet too my Superwoman strength. Look and see below not only these tempestuous beauties that bees just cannot resist, but see yourselves within these beauties. Let go of…

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saying goodbye


saw the woodpecker today at Mer Bleue – got to say goodbye till next time..

With the snow melting, the sunshine working its magic… the days getting longer… the two areas I visited every day from last October till now.. have change. Yesterday I was unable to get my trunk open, so had to forgo putting out the rest of my feed. Today I went back .. I collected more feeders and filled a few for the birds that have remained for the time being. At Dewberry, there are still a couple of Grosbeaks, they chowed down happily on the fresh sunflower seeds I put out… There is a distinct change in the “ambience” of the area.. I was so intimately connected to the place, I can feel the difference. An interesting observation.

Mer Bleue I was interested in finding out, altho’ I could see and feel the difference in…

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Quote of the Day

Coaching Skills International

“Although time seems to fly, it never travels faster than one day at a time. Each day is a new opportunity to live your life to the fullest. In each waking day, you will find scores of blessings and opportunities for positive change. … Take it all in and make it a great day.“- Steve Maraboli

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Your Best Self?


How would you you evaluate your current self? Are you pleased with your performance? At work. at home, in meetings, at play; are you doing your best work? Are there things that interfere with being your authentic self? Are they internal or external? Are you satisfied with your accomplishments? By what do you measure your performance?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Are you moving toward the achievement of your life goals? What distracts you from doing your best? Is it motivation? Is it a lack of understanding of what you need to do? Is it a matter of not doing things well? Are you chasing the wrong goal? Are you doing the right things to reach your goals?

Your ultimate goal in life is to become your best self. Your immediate goal is to get on the path that will lead you there–David Viscott

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In vain

Words of Anvi

For those words of sympathy,

Which ended as apology,

For those lovely moments,

Which ended as memories,

Still lays a place within

Lacuna of inflicted hearts,

Bonded in some regards,

Still connects separated them,

Something remains immortal,

Out of the silence, it makes a way

In vain, no reason to restart again

For the feelings which never fade.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Thank you for connecting with my blog and encouraging me to write more.

Would love to get your feedback.

Happy Living!❤

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Find your Happiness 😊 !

Brightway 💫

Image Source – Kriti @Brightway

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. 👏

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. 👏

This kid’s song anyone can sing but you can’t enjoy it without being happy like a child.

Do you understand it ?

Are you happy or do you know what makes you happy ?

Where is your Happy Place ?

In today’s time most of the people are not happy, but why ? what is this happiness ?


is a state of mind to feel good, inspired, comfortable, peaceful, supported, revived or it can vary from person to person in many more ways but it exists in each and everyone within themselves. Remember that your mind is will always believe everything you tell it so feed it with faith, truth and love always then your heart will also feel happy…

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खामोश ज़िन्दगी..


ज़िन्दगी में कई ऐसे मौके आते है कि जब हमें लगता है कि हम उदास है, और हमारे चारो तरफ मुश्किलों का अम्बार लगा हुआ है |

हमारे आस पास जो भी है वो सब हमारे खिलाफ है | एक भी व्यक्ति ऐसा नज़र नहीं आता है जो… हमें और हमारी भावनाओं को पूरी तरह समझ सके और हमारा सही मार्गदर्शन कर सके….

जब किसी की ऐसी सोच हो और ऐसा वह महसूस कर रहा हो तो वह अपने आप को कैसे संभाले ?

..इस नकारात्मक विचारों से अपने को कैसे बाहर लायें.. और फिर सही ढंग से एक नयी शुरुआत कर सके .. यह एक वाजिब सवाल है …

चुप रहते हो

चुप चुप रहते हो …अब कोई सवाल क्यों नहीं करते,

मेरे रूठने पर … अब बवाल क्यों नहीं करते …

माना कि रिटायरमेंट में ख़ालीपन आ जाता है

अपनी अधूरी शौक का …इंतज़ाम क्यों नही करते


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…How easily the night sky shifts into Dawn…


    ..the Night sky….
    ….shifts into…

    …..The Night….
    …and The Day…
    …gently enters….

    ….are Blessings…
    ..each Courteous…..
    ……of the other….

            Text and image source: Whispers https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=281548546887660&id=100050975510359

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            मैं और मेरी कविता


            आज कल भगवान मेरी कोई प्रार्थना नहीं सुनते है। इसकी कोई ठोस वजह मुझे नज़र नहीं आता है |

            लोग कहते है कि भगवान को साफ़ – सफाई बहुत पसंद है … मैं घर में और अपने आस पास खूब साफ़ सफाई रखता हूँ |

            लेकिन तभी महसूस हुआ कि मुझे तो सफाई करनी थी …. अपने अंतरमन और आत्मा की …. पर मैंने तो ऐसा कुछ किया ही नहीं ….

            और बस यहीं से हमारा खेल शायद बिगड गया है | इसीलिए मैं दुःख और बेचैनी का अनुभव करता रहता हूँ |

            अब मैं ने तय किया है कि आत्मा को स्वच्छ रखना है | हमारे अन्दर जो वर्षों से गन्दगी जमी हुई है उसे हटाना है, क्योंकि आत्मा में परमात्मा का अंश रहता है ।

            कभी – कभी हम अपनी भावनाओं को कविता के माध्यम से प्रकट करने की कोशिश करते है |

            जी हाँ, हम कभी -कभी…

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