A vacation of long silences

Ananda Only

[6 MINUTE READ] My experiences with silence and the lessons they taught me.


I dream of a beach. The currents withdraw with peculiar speed – my footprints sink in the sand. Clear waters morph into foam and disappear into a maze of corridors below the sea shore. I remain standing there. With the weight of a human body and the constant echo of a familiar vocabulary. I search for the sentiment of happiness, to collect in exchange for payments made for airline tickets and hotel bills. On every holiday, there is a strange disappointment that I am still what I am.

I can go to the farthest corners of the earth, but I can’t escape myself. There are residues of emotions waiting like an untidy room that needs to be cleaned, disentangled words from old discussions that have lost their intent and become noise. This is my litmus test for…

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