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The presence of the
Divine in our lives is
entirely dependent on
our receptivity. Yet
our arrogance, our
disbelief, our lack
of understanding of
what the purpose and
potential this Force
of Love is in our lives,
keeps us buried in the trials
and tribulations of the world.

We run from any painful
challenge, staying bogged
down in our on-going failures.

It does not have to be this
way, Dear Ones, for as we
accept the Creator into our
hearts, the seed of love
within begins to grow.
Its Light shines forth
illuminating our path
and those with whom we come
in contact.

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Flute in poetry and poems for the flute — The Babel Flute

The poet must begin with a poetic vision and then use the influential figures of speech, various forms of rhythm, cadence, alliteration, repetition, assonance, and consonance to obtain an adequate embodiment of this vision in terse form, which displays qualities very similar to music. The connection between music and poetry is solid and undeniable.

Flute in poetry and poems for the flute — The Babel Flute

Spiritual Essays #3

Kelly's Quest

Truths of Existence – The First Universal Law

All knowing is a Rediscovery

The First Law: All knowing is a kind of discovery. It is becoming aware of what is already present in the universe. Our knowing does not create it.

This is the truth. The universe is a store house of information. We can only know, grasp or sense or conceive what already exists in it. In knowing, we simply become aware of what is already present, which may happen through effort or by chance. All knowing is a kind of discovery of the knowledge which is already inherent in the universe either as a reality or a possibility or an idea, which may be known, unknown or yet to be known.

It is the same as in a journey where you may not yet know the destination, and you may not have yet reached it, but it…

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The Tao of Photography

Joyce McCluskey Photography

Mike. Iphone 12 Pro with Snapseed app

The Tao of Photography

The Way

Tao is literally “the way.” It can also mean the path or the journey. It is natural and spontaneous.

It is effortness action. It is the flow of the universe. Tao is within all of us.

Our photography journey should be like the Tao.

What is your photography journey? At the moment, mine is on a somewhat stifled trajectory (I thought) because of not just the pandemic but because of my husband’s illness as well as my own health.

But your limit is only limited by the limitness of your own mind. I felt stifled because we are at home and can not travel. But the reality is that you can shoot anywhere – in the kitchen shoot your coffeemaker and the frying of eggs, or the flowers in the front yard, in the ER Hospital waiting…

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The tap is broken


The tap has broken and water is gushing out incessantly.

It is pouring out and drenching all the surface that it touches. The water moves like a snake, slithering over all my precious things, mocking me as it covers everything.

Here, I am standing with a small cloth in my hand, trying to soak up some of the water to save atleast a few items from ruining. It feels like drying my hair with a blow dryer while it rains over me – useless and unnecessary.

I throw the cloth away and frantically search around for a mop instead. A mop should work for now. The more I try to clear this damn water, the more vigorously it returns back. I am mopping the floor now, in vain. I feel helpless. How do I clear this water?

My eyes suddenly land on the tap.

The tap is broken and the…

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