Celebrating journey of LIFE..

Direct Dil se

I am soon to complete “  silver jubilee of life ”  in simple words.. Its my 25th Birthday this June 😉 . Well it excites me for some good cake, gifts if any.. 🙂 looking forward to buy new cell phone for myself.. with qwerty feature off course… but hey what I am saying … this article is certainly not list of my birthday celebrations..

So getting back to the topic…“ Celebrating journey of LIFE.. ”. It has been nearly 25 years now that i am a part of this wonderful journey of life.. I call life as journey because in a journey we meet so many people with diverse nature and leading through numerous walks of life but all of them with common goal to achieve happiness & comfort. While traveling.. we talk, we laugh, we eat, we sleep, & the most important we continue to move…

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