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Roots! Bloody Roots!

Roots! Bloody Roots!

Roots! Bloody

Roots! Roots!




~Max Cavalera, Sepultura

Today I’m sharing another page from my yoga planning journal. This is one page from a series that revolves around the chakras. This page’s concepts were field tested and taught last fall. We spent several classes exploring the qualities of stability, solidity, focus, and form in the body. I am gearing up to revisit the topic in upcoming classes.  The concepts came from a workshop with Shala Worseley and from Anodea Judith’s Wheels of Life and from musicians  referenced in the playlist below.

Muladhara full.JPG

Muladhara is not an easy theme for me to teach as I’m prone to zipping and buzzing about in flights of fancy. Fortunately, I have a good friend in Yip, who is willing to sit with me and help me settle down.

Muladhara (2)

Muladhara Playlist

The Mystery ¤ Michael Mandrell & Benjy…

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Philosophical Questions {172} ~ If You Could Teach The Entire World Just One Concept, What Would It Be & Why?


If I could teach the world one concept, it would be that love is the answer. I believe love is the answer, love is the fabric of the cosmos, love binds us and entangles us; love is at the foundations and hinges of reality. Whatever the question, love is always the answer in our deeds, actions, thoughts and words. If love is not the answer, then perhaps the question could be altered! I believe love is at the root of every solution. What do you get when you boil things down to the true base? Boil it down… Boil it down and what lies at the foundation? Are you operating from a place of love or fear? By saying love is the answer, it indicates that no matter the situation or question, acting from a place of love will provide the answers you want and need.


🔷️”Love is the…

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Pensieri Parole e Poesie

    Foto dal web

      Amo il mare
      Il mare che mi coccola, mi leviga e
      mi fa respirare..
      Mi sento un po’ come il mare: abbastanza calma per intraprendere nuovi rapporti umani,ma
      Capita che il mare, lo stesso di sempre,
      mi infrange come un’onda in burrasca
      e così mi sento..
      periodicamente in tempesta per allontanare tutti, per starmene sola.

        Natalia Castelluccio

          ILOVE THE SEA

          Ilove the sea
          The sea that cuddles me, smoothes me and
          makes me breathe ..
          I feel a bit like the sea: calm enough to undertake new human relationships, but
          It happens that the sea, the same as always,
          it breaks me like a stormy wave
          and so I feel ..
          periodically in a storm to keep everyone away, to be alone.

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          Positive Thinking.

          Ashley's Mental Health Journey

          Sometimes the voices in our heads becomes too much. It’s too noisy in there and takes a lot of concentration to focus on the things that need to be done. Our minds create this monologue of how we aren’t good enough. How we won’t succeed in life. How we won’t ever achieve happiness. These voices speak so loudly. It’s hard to drown them out.

          We feel empty and lost and broken when we allow these negative and intrusive thoughts to run our every day lives. We create an atmosphere in our brains that is so loud that all we want to say is: MAKE. IT. STOP.

          We sit and ruminate on these thoughts and allow them to become louder than the thoughts that help us cope and get through the day. The negative thoughts we have on a day-to-day basis can be deafening. We only hear the negative thoughts. We…

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          Amazon Publishing Tip: Author Name

          Diana Tibert

          When you publish your book on Amazon, be extremely careful with your author name. Be certain of the name you want to use before you publish your first book. Don’t use a slightly different name for your second book.

          When you complete the details of the book during the publishing process, enter the name exactly as you want to use it for the rest of your publishing career. While you can jump through hoops and spend time discussing the matter of changing it with Amazon, save yourself the hassle and do it right the first time.

          When I say enter the name exactly, I mean exactly. Understand that Amazon sees your name as it would a file name. Diane McGyver is not the same person as Diane Lynn McGyver or Diane L. McGyver or Diane L McGyver or Dr. Diane McGyver. No, I’m not a doctor. I’m using this as…

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          NaPoWriMo April 2022 Day 13

          Our Literary Journey

          Click the graphic for the NaPo prompt page and more poems.

          Today, in honor of the “potential luckiness of the number 13”, I was to write a poem that joyfully states that “Everything is Going to Be Amazing.” If I couldn’t find the enthusiasm to write myself a riotous pep-talk, I was to muse on good things coming down the track. This world offers us the persistent possibility of surprise. Right. Reminds me of people who say “happy memorial day.”

          I grudgingly wrote to this prompt today with a contrarian pall over my heart. When I feel something is wrong, but no one will tell me what, fear of the unknown weighs heavy.

          Nope. It Ain’t.

          I don’t mean nothin’, Man.
          We jus’ gotta get out of this place.

          Look up at the stars, forget the mud
          and reality. Live the dream, Baby.

          It ain’t easy being green…

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          Self-Love Is A Key To Happiness


          What Is Self-love?

          Self-love is often confused with narcissism but it is actually not. To take care of yourself is called self-love. But it is not confined to taking care of yourself only. Self-love is when you put yourself on the pedestal, pamper yourself, make yourself happy by doing whatever you love to do.

          When Do You Lack Self-love?

          You lack self-love when you ignore your wants, stop giving time to yourself. When you start over-giving your time to work, family and friends, that is when you lack self-love. As a result, you fall prey to low self-esteem which can make it more difficult to achieve your goals and form healthy relationships. I lacked self-love few years back. I always underestimated myself, comparing to others. Although many people admired my skills of writing and painting, still i never accepted myself. I always thought worst about myself, always wondered that i…

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          Never give up

          De malinha pronta

          Photo : Paul Laurent Bressin

          Sometimes missions can’t be accomplished at the first time
          As a consequence, we get frustrated
          Suddenly, the sky is covered by thick grey clouds
          Even the sun has abandoned us
          But giving up is never an option
          Frustrations are great opportunities to start all over again
          Put yourself together, close your eyes and take a deep breath
          You can do it!
          Just be patient
          Time is the best healer.

          Filipa Moreira da Cruz

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