What’s in the name?



“What’s in the name? That which we call a rose, by another name would smell as sweet”- William Shakespeare

These immortal lines always get me thinking. Really! What’s in the name it is the essence of the soul that matters. But then again, I think we are all born nameless and are given a name at the time of our birth. Why is it so? Why are we given names? Are they not like labels? But, on the other hand, I love my name. It is my Identity. It is a part of who I am. I am not just a daughter, sister, friend and co-worker. I have a name and I am much more than that.

A name is a very complicated entity. It sort of becomes a part of you or rather it becomes you. Every name means something. For example, my name Shipra is actually spelt as…

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Defining the role of Lead Parent



Anne-Marie Slaughter’s husband wrote a great article about how he put his wife’s career first. He has a career, yet he takes the role of “lead parent”, a better term than the one I usually hear: “primary caregiver”.  I’ve read many similar articles, and the statistics and anecdotes in all of them are dismaying. This one was no different. But one thing I liked was how the author described his role and responsibilities, giving concrete examples.

Lead parenting is being on the front lines of everyday life. In my years as lead parent, I have gotten the kids out of the house in the morning; enforced bedtimes at night; monitored computer and TV use; attempted to ensure that homework got done right; encouraged involvement in sports and music; attended the baseball games, piano lessons, plays, and concerts that resulted; and kept tabs on social lives. To this day, I…

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Write me a L-E-T-T-E-R

L's Room

I’ve always envied my mother’s handwriting.
It’s not perfect, nothing is perfect, but it’s really impressive.
A rich italics, with no frills, clean, readable, beautiful.
I guess i take after my father. No, fortunately it’s not true, but I certainly haven’t taken by her.
When i was fourteen I discovered the street art (and consequently the lettering) and I was fascinated, but I never tried to find a way to be part of it, I have always limited myself to appreciate it.
Then, I had this brilliant idea to do a creative work, and it would not even be a problem if I were a normal person, able to choose a font from the billion that you can find around.
But no.
I’m never satisfied, I change my mind every second (if you follow the blog, you have probably noticed that the template is constantly changing…).
And even if i’m well…

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Truly examined life

Nelli Kite

What does it mean – truly examined life? I used to think that it is an accumulation of knowledge, analysis, comparison of ideas and concepts and finding the one, true viewpoint. Finding a description of the world that explains it all, gives all the answers. I thought if I read, memorize, analyze enough I will finally get it, solution for the dissatisfaction, lostness, and confusion, feeling of unreality and meaninglessness. And yet, three degrees and thousand books later,  I was still dissatisfied, I still felt like I’ve missed something crucial.

The unexamined life is not worth living                                                                                                                                                         Socrates

It started dawning on me only after…

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Be with someone who will bring the good in you..

Own Your Own Crown

As I was growing up the one thing that I learnt about LOVE itself was to find someone who will bring the best in you, support you in your dreams and careers, encourage you to continue grinding and not give up and also someone who will love you for you and not someone people think you’re and who will treat you like a princess and a queen and will make sure you know that you are worth it and are loved really loved.

I kow some relationships are beautiful and amazing because of how they treat one another the way they want to be treated by the other person, supporting one another in whatever it is that they have pursuing in and will do everything to assure and reassure them that their significant other will be there for them and will make sure that they know either being there for…

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Learning Portfolio 3

Luq Lut Ali

Question 3: Psychology & Design

Psychology is important to design because how do we learn or process information by using our brains or how we feel. Just like how our first Learning portfolio was on Aesthetic-usability effect, how people perceive aesthetic designs to be simply easier to use, we are using our mind to perceive that information. Just as how emotion can direct attention to key features, optimize sensory intake, tune decision making, ready behavioral responses, facilitate social interactions and enhance episodic memory (Gross, 2014). So we need to know the human mind so we can make better designs.

  • Gross, James J., Ph. D, & Ebook Library. (2014;2013;).Handbook of emotion regulation (Second ed.). New York: The Guilford Press.

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