When people talk about true love they usually have the image of a long term, loving relationship in mind. However, this is not what is most prominent in the information we receive each day. Marital breakups, spousal abuse, infidelity, etc. are the focus of attention while the fact that far more people are going about their daily lives happily married is usually overlooked. This is true of both the media and plain old gossip.

The fact that a co-worker, neighbor, relative, friend, etc. is having problems or has done something wrong makes for good gossip, or the evening news if it is big enough and juicy enough.

While the fact that many more people we know are happily going about their daily lives rarely merits comment. In fact the only time such everyday things stand out is when they are the exception – when the rest of the neighbors…

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Thought I’d share this little gem of wisdom…

lt’s so easy to forget to look after ourselves, to be good to ourselves. We spend so much of our time focussed on other people whether at work or at home in relationships, that sometimes I think we forget that we need our care too.

What am I doing this week for myself? I’m not working on Friday (even though I need the money) so that I can go and take some dance classes. I’ve been fairly stressed lately and nothing makes me feel so in sync and happy as a ballet or contemporary dance class. So this Friday it’s all about giving my body and mind what it needs to relax and feel good about itself!

We’re half way through the week so, everybody out there, you’ve still got time to do something special for YOU.


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I cannot think of anything more deteriorating to our health, beauty and relationships faster than an unforgiving spirit. If happiness is a natural condition (as wise men and children tell us), it can sure come with a lot of work! In “Inciting Happiness” by Lama Marut, he takes us through a 5 week journey of intense personal transformation. Each part of the series has a theme, and is supported with the practice of a meditation, awareness and contemplation. It requires courage, tenacity, and a strong desire to end your own suffering. This particular teaching is taken from Buddhist context, and I believe that these lessons are non-secular in that they are powerful and important for all humans, regardless of religious beliefs. My intention is to invite you into this journey so that we can all be happier beings, which will bring happiness to those around us. Every week, I will…

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Those of us from the United Kingdom, old enough to remember Bob Hoskins’ British Telecom adverts, will recall that “It’s good to talk.” Naturally, BT wanted us all to spend hours on the phone, to our friends, our family, in fact just about anyone. Whilst their motives may have been commercially driven, it is a very good idea to speak to people, particularly if they are miles away, geographically, or philosophically. Nichiren Buddhism teaches us Wisdom, Courage and Compassion (WCC), and all three aspects are needed when you are in conversation with someone, particularly if the topic is something awkward, painful or contentious. We all find ourselves in difficult situations in life, be it with relationships, money, work or health and talking can be a great healer in times of anguish.

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