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What’s in the name?



“What’s in the name? That which we call a rose, by another name would smell as sweet”- William Shakespeare

These immortal lines always get me thinking. Really! What’s in the name it is the essence of the soul that matters. But then again, I think we are all born nameless and are given a name at the time of our birth. Why is it so? Why are we given names? Are they not like labels? But, on the other hand, I love my name. It is my Identity. It is a part of who I am. I am not just a daughter, sister, friend and co-worker. I have a name and I am much more than that.

A name is a very complicated entity. It sort of becomes a part of you or rather it becomes you. Every name means something. For example, my name Shipra is actually spelt as…

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Defining the role of Lead Parent



Anne-Marie Slaughter’s husband wrote a great article about how he put his wife’s career first. He has a career, yet he takes the role of “lead parent”, a better term than the one I usually hear: “primary caregiver”.  I’ve read many similar articles, and the statistics and anecdotes in all of them are dismaying. This one was no different. But one thing I liked was how the author described his role and responsibilities, giving concrete examples.

Lead parenting is being on the front lines of everyday life. In my years as lead parent, I have gotten the kids out of the house in the morning; enforced bedtimes at night; monitored computer and TV use; attempted to ensure that homework got done right; encouraged involvement in sports and music; attended the baseball games, piano lessons, plays, and concerts that resulted; and kept tabs on social lives. To this day, I…

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Write me a L-E-T-T-E-R

L's Room

I’ve always envied my mother’s handwriting.
It’s not perfect, nothing is perfect, but it’s really impressive.
A rich italics, with no frills, clean, readable, beautiful.
I guess i take after my father. No, fortunately it’s not true, but I certainly haven’t taken by her.
When i was fourteen I discovered the street art (and consequently the lettering) and I was fascinated, but I never tried to find a way to be part of it, I have always limited myself to appreciate it.
Then, I had this brilliant idea to do a creative work, and it would not even be a problem if I were a normal person, able to choose a font from the billion that you can find around.
But no.
I’m never satisfied, I change my mind every second (if you follow the blog, you have probably noticed that the template is constantly changing…).
And even if i’m well…

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