Marketing Minimalism: Less Is More When You Do It Right — The SHORT STORY

The short story today will talk about the concept of minimalism in the marketing environment. Minimalism is one of the most happening trend ever since 2018 and it is still going strong! So let’s talk about it.

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Meditation for Human Beings

Polish Your Mind

Meditation is my space that I retreat from the busy day to settle into myself. I close my eyes and watch the chaos of thoughts from the day settle into flow of my inhale and exhale.

Sometimes I go on journeys and sometimes I have insights into my desires, behaviors, patterns or relationships and if I have been invested in my practice I am fortunate to practice letting go of it all and surrendering to the universe and energy that surrounds my body and connects me to every energy around me.

MeditationThis is how I practice letting go of expectations and attachment and control, sitting on my cushion or sometimes a parking spot inside my car; I close my eyes and I forgive the past and release expectations of the future. This is how I remind myself that it is the energy in motion, the emotions that are key. Not…

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Bold. Outspoken. Radiant. And Culturally Invested.

Diving Into the Culture

A picture of all races and ethnic groups embracing each other’s distinctive social identities.

Hola, Bienvenidos A Todos!

There are infinite ways in which culture is experienced: food, music, conversation, clothing, even design! In my most recent years, I have discovered one of my truest passions: learning about distinctive cultures. I aspire to impact lives by creating and exposing individuals to unique and exciting ethnically driven experiences.

An illustration to symbolize the brand of this blog

I truly love developing meaningful experiences people can immerse themselves in. I hope to enhance people’s curiosity and interest in the distinctive cultures around the world. After all, being different elevates one’s comfort and confidence— that’s valuable.

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The Jewelled Keys

The M2 Column

Practice makes perfect my love,

& you’ll soon soar past the clouds above.

Here are some diamond keys of creed,

To help you reach your desired need.

Stay positive when things get tough,

To preserve through the rough.

Have patience with yourself, just like you did, when you were a child.

When you were learning to walk & talk,

Realise, you weren’t as sharp as a hawk,

But you got up and fought through the pain,

Because you knew you had alot to gain.

So learn from that positive child in you,

Who practiced, persevered, perfected and grew.

-The M2 Column

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While we’re not having much of worldly possessions
But possess satiety in the deep recesses of our heart
So peaceful and quiet
Thence a feeling of inner voice
Comes out just involuntarily
Of thanks to God Almighty
So very joyous, without a shred of doubt
That is the moment of glory of our Lord so dear indeed.
As the last year, on this Diwali Day
In the early morning so serene
While walking with brisk strides
Enjoying a cold breeze, so very refreshing
On the other side of the road today, as last year
I heard the familiar voice
So very pleasing and touching my heart strings
Diwali Greetings of ‘PEACE & PROSPERITY’ to passers by
Some warmly reciprocated while others just did not care to reply
A cursory look revealed that he was starting his day with Diwali celebrations

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Fifty Years of Mentoring — Discover

“These days, there are two main populations I end up mentoring: CEOs, and kids. At some level, they’re totally different. But at some level, they’re surprisingly similar.” On his personal blog, Stephen Wolfram reflects on his role as a mentor to people of all ages.

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Visit New Street Agenda. Barebones Communication continues there.


waiving-man-1-of-1 Greeting © Knut Skjærven.


Thank you for visiting Barebones Communication.

Barebones Communication was created in 2007. I wanted to gather information that is basic for understanding visual communication. It was never intended as a blog about photography.

But it turned out that way.

Soon I had more sites. More and more they dealt with photography and particularly street photography.

Here are the sites you want to visit:

Phenomenology and Photography (2010); Street Photographer’s Toolbox (2012); Berlin Black and White (2010) and The Europeans (2012).

Barebones Communication is the mother blog for what was developed on later blogs.

You should read the blogs starting with Barebones Communication. Continue with Phenomenology and Photography (2010); and Street Photographer’s Toolbox (2012).

Berlin Black and White (2010) and The Europeans (2012) are picture blogs.

I 2014 I decided to move everything over to New Street Agenda. All the…

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what do I see?



looking up this lovely stairwell I am stuck in thought. in vision.

spinning around and around in awe.

i start to think of cycles and patterns, going around and around, over and over. endlessly, like alice in the rabbit hole.

we must take ownership of all that we are, all that we do, and all that we say. we should be honest and learn from all of it. so we don’t keep spinning in circles. in cycles. over and over.


what do you see?

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I popped the button on the car radio, and heard John Lennon’s voice. He was in the middle of a comment about doing music, painting, etc. He said these were the chocolate in life. I can’t find his words online, so I hope I’m not mis-quoting him too badly.

When I look out at the waterfront scene in this picture, I see color, energy, passion. Luster.

Without all the red, though, the umbrellas, the chairs, what’s there? Something serene, scenic. Quiet, pretty.


There are parts of our lives, parts of us, parts of what we do, the way we live, that give us luster, don’t you think?

Like a fine piece of chocolate.


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Whether your destiny is glory or disgrace…


” Whether your destiny
is glory or disgrace,
Purify yourself of hatred
…. and love of self.
Polish your mirror;
and that sublime Beauty
from the Regions of Mystery
will flame out in your heart
As it did for the Saints and Prophets.
Then, with your heart
on fire with that Splendor,
The Secret of the Beloved
…. will no longer be hidden . ”

Text and image source: Rumi, Saadi, Hafiz(poems and Quotes) on Facebook

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You are the Sun

A Struggling Author

It’s your universe.
It’s your story.
So here dear, you are the sun.

You are not just a planet,
Revolving around someone else.
Here, you are the sun.

Don’t let them fool you,
Into acting like what you are not.
For here, you are the sun.

You are burning alive inside,
Not yet burnt out and dead.
Here, you are the sun.

It doesn’t matter what others think.
It matters what you think.
So know, here, you are the sun.

Shine bright with all your might
Till they put their glares on.
For here, you are the sun.

Today, maybe setting,
But rise you will again tomorrow.
After all, you are the sun.

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3 Tips from a Successful Blogger on How To Amplify Your Story

Discover WordPress

Last week, Ben Phillips — the blogger at Diary of an Uber Driver — shared his journey of adapting his blog into a book and TV series, and how his ride-share experiences connected him to people in ways he never imagined. “Without my blog, none of this would’ve happened,” says Ben. Want to get your story in front of as many people as possible? Implement these three features as seen on Ben’s site.

Tell your story with a branded landing page

Go to My Site → Customize → Header Image to customize your header or My Site → Customize → Colors & Backgrounds to update your background.

To set up a landing page, go to My Site → Customize → Homepage Settings.

Set your site apart and effectively build your online presence with strong visual branding. On the left is an example of an ad for…

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I Think I Want to Be Old: How to Know if *You* Have Turned Old — Christine Seifert

A fundamental rule of the universe is that old age happens overnight. One day you are young and can handily stay up past eleven, the next you have nose hair and don’t understand the plot of any Avengers movie and you think a Kardashian is a meal delivery service. All old people are different, of […]

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