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Lost in time

Welcome to my secret world – a place where time stand still

no two people who wander down the well walked paths, will see or feel the same things…

One can search and search for what is often, right before us

stand still, look around, a single baby shoot, breaking through the ground

is life at its finest. That is life awakening to a new season, a new cycle of beginnings

each day is a brand new canvas – be the artist in you, allow your inner self to shine

explore every dimension of your self. for you are a wonderful part of this world we live in.


PL Precept #18 Each moment is a turning point.

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Earth day


Photo by Valentin Antonucci on

there isn`t a place more beautiful than this planet. This is the heaven we have been dreaming about

Earth day is to be worked hard, not just celebrated

Earth Day is every day. More than ever, our mother earth needs us. Because we are the ones who made Her sick. We are also the ones who can and must change this awful situation we have created.

Each time we go shopping, we must remember her needs; each time we put something into the garbage can, we must think about her; each time we breath, yes we should thank her and each time we feel depressed it`s an offense to her.

For decades i have listened to people saying: “there`s nothing i can do, only the government can… Well governments didn`t fill the seas with trash or killed so many unnecessary animals and species… We…

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In wonder

School Of Blue

I have been, just this minute,
surprised by joy. A butterfly
came visiting, stayed around,
captivating me, mesmerising me with
the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Okay, in its repertoire not as graceful as that
– but – in its pure wildness, greeting me,
holding back for a while longer; a linger in
a beautiful circling of the garden
that had become its amphitheatre of delight.

The visit reminded me. Go out of myself
for a moment in wonder.

© 2021 Copyright Rick Frame

Fresh out of ideas, I went back to look at what I had written a year ago. This is my entry of the 23rd April 2020. I have adapted it to a new form.

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Mencari Pelangi

Untuk memperingati hari Kartini, sy kembali mengupas isi buku, bukan me-Review tapi mengambil  penggalan kalimat yang ada dalam buku tersebut. Awalnya saya melirik buku “APAKAH TEORI RELATIVITAS”*. Berat Boo, haha. Ini sih gara2 pengen belajar fisika lagi buat memastikan bener ga sih bumi bulat…. 😀 Dalam buku tsb. dituliskan, setelah diketahui bahwa bentuk bumi adalah bulat,…. “yang mutlak, ternyata relatif”. Jadi, kalau sy berpikir bumi berbentuk lain, artinya sy kembali ke masa laluuu, sebelum abad ke-10. 😉

*Apakah Teori Relativitas. L.Landau - Y.Rumer. Genta Ilmu. Bandung 1965.

Lalu saya melirik buku “365 hari Bersama Nabi Muhammad saw”*. Selain karna sekarang bulan puasa, Saya juga suka banget isi buku anak2 yang mengandung bawang ini. Ada satu cerita dalam buku ini yang ingin saya kutip, Paragraph Hari 3: SANG PEMILIK KAKBAH. Abrahah berkata kepada Abdul Muthalib bahwa ia hanya datang untuk menghancurkan kakbah, lalu…

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Heaven On Earth

My jaw dropped!


Another jaw dropper!

No wonder I was fascinated when I studied Anatomy and Physiology in college!! We are such Beings of Splendor and Perfection! Know this and as you do, you will free the bondages that keep you from your Sovereignty. The image below is of one cell. I am doing all I know to keep every single one of my billions if not trillions of cells happy and healthy! I could stare at this for hours and still not see it all.


The most detailed representation of a human cell today, obtained by radiography, nuclear magnetic resonance and cryoelectron microscopy.

With Sovereignty as the subject of this post, just think about the two examples I gave you in the first part of this post. For me, both of them boggle the mind!

Sovereignty was on my mind when I visited a park for a glorious…

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कुछ तो बात है……!!!!


April 15, 2021

कुछ तो बात है
श्मशानों में इतनी भीड़ क्यों है?
जंगल की लकड़ियाँ क्यों कम पड़ रहीं हैं?

कुछ तो बात है
प्रकृति का ऐसा ही वास्तविक रूप है?
या फिर यह हमारे कर्मों का फलस्वरूप है?

कुछ तो बात है
कहीं पर चुनाव जीतने की होड़ है
तो कहीं पर ज़िंदगी हार रही है

कुछ तो बात है
एक वक्त था जब मन में फासलें थे
अब तो हकीकत में भी फासलें हो गयें हैं

कुछ तो बात है
धन हमनें लाखों – करोड़ों में कमाया
पर हमनें मन से छल – क्रोध को छोड़ नहीं पाया

कुछ तो बात है
खाने को दो रोटी नहीं है
पर अल्लाह के लिए बकरी तैयार रखें हैं

कुछ तो बात है
कुंभ के गंगा में भीड़ तो है
पर ज्ञान की गंगा खाली ही है

कुछ तो बात है
कितनी भयावह परिस्थिति है
कि चार जन भी…

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The land we all come from

Ananda Only

| 5 MINUTE READ | A review of ‘A new idea of India – Individual rights in a civilizational state’

India can be a beacon of change for a world to be guided more by the equanimity of its inner voice than the confusions of its outer conflicts

Science & Prayer

Our courts recently heard a petition challenging the recitation of the Sanskrit mantra ‘Asato ma sadgamaya’ at the morning prayers held at Kendriya Vidyalaya’s across the country. The prayer means ‘lead me from unreality to reality’. This practice dates back to 1964.

The contention in the suit was that an overt expression of religious faith in a state institution is both unconstitutional and will weaken the development of a scientific temper in our children. The court acknowledged the need for a further examination of the constitutional questions raised. To which the Solicitor General of India pointed out that the…

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After the rain…

Mike Powell

It rained for most of today and was overcast the entire day. Late in the afternoon I decided to go out to a local garden to see what I could shoot. The light was less than optimal but I managed to photograph some flowers.

My favorite ones are of the red speckled lily (I don’t know its real name). I got really low and shot it against the backdrop of sky (which was white). The other flowers included two hibiscuses, another kind of lily, and two unidentified little purple flowers. I love the effect of raindrops on flowers and most of the shots I took include them.

© Michael Q. Powell. All rights reserved.

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Not a tiny dragonfly

Mike Powell

My eyes were so attuned to dragonflies yesterday that my first thought when I stumbled upon this insect perched at the top of a plant was that it was a tiny dragonfly. The pose especially looked familiar.

The more I looked at it, however, the more I realized that the legs and winds were all wrong and the head, which in this profile shot looks a bit like a dragonfly’s, was really different. From another angle it sort of looked like a fly, but not any fly that I had ever seen. What is it?

I think that what I have here is a robber fly (from the insect family Asilidae). So far I have not been able to get any more precise in identifying this guy’s species. The description of robber flies in Wikipedia, however, is pretty. scarey.

“The short, strong proboscis is used to stab and…

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Words Unsaid (audio poem)

My Inspired Life

A quote that offers wise counsel, enlightened guidance, sage advice.

Sometimes the best option is to remain mute –

escalating tension may fail to deliver resolution
Sometimes what appears unresponsive is just temporary restraint –

eyes closed and lips counting to ten
Sometimes the quiet is permanent–
the one who needed to speak stands above a final breath
Sometimes a silenced response is not the best choice –

words unsaid can block a heart and choke a voice

No response.

Crashing into a period (.).
On the other side
is where a void lives.
A time out?
An abrupt ending?

A forever releasing?

Going 120 miles per hour then hitting a wall,

a period (.) that ends it all,

can be jarring,
leaving the mind and body reeling.

Hard to hold back the words
while a body is falling forward –

trying to balance on the tiny dot,

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thoughts and experiences


I’ve been Indian my whole life. I mean, I was born Indian, so that’s sort of obvious. This phrase “namaste” never struck me odd or weird. I just kind of went along with it telling people namaste at whatever Indian function I was being dragged to growing up. Whatever, no big deal. I never really looked into the meaning of this pretty common phrase. I just thought I was saying “Hey, what’s up” to whoever crossed my path. Little did I know that there was so much more to that phrase than just a simple hello.

My curiosity of the meaning of this phrase started picking up when I began going to more and more classes. Why the heck were these yoga teachers ending class with a namaste? I mean sure, yoga started in India and namaste is an Indian phrase, but there has to be more to it than…

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Quote- 6

Words of Anvi

Today’s quotes series is on journey and beginning.

1- My previous efforts made me considerably abundant. Now I streak for the next milestone as it’s a new beginning- Anvi.

2- Since the day you walked away, I didn’t write in the journal which had your pictures. I bought a new one to record chronicle of my beginning with people who made me feel better- Anvi.

3- I have already checked the to-do of a sticky note. With satisfaction and self belief, I delay not to create another one- Anvi.

4- There prevails my destination. Sometimes, it appears too far when I am not willing to walk more. Sometimes it seems too close when my determination is at the peak. It’s all static, I know it is, I have a promise to keep– Anvi.

5- Every journey has a story with an onset and the verge, the motive is the cause…

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Your Silhouette…

Triangle Writes...

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Nathan Cowley on

tall grasses have grown on the silent sands
where I used to run after you
but you made it easy for me to catch you
so we could drop together on the sands

how your laughter drowned the boisterous waves
as it kissed the sparkling shore
then the waves have slid back quickly to the sea
and settled to the ocean floor

we had a quick funny swim
as we hurried up not to lose the sun
but as we took our last and final dip
it was long the setting sun was gone

those were the days of our youthful years
fifty beautiful summers of a happy marriage
and as I leave my sight on this beautiful place
now I’m alone reliving our great golden memories

you went ahead of me
but I felt your soul is here…

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